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Roleplay Log
19 Feb 2014
General Ward - Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
The entrance to this room is set with two different walkways around the top of this semi-hexigonal compartment. Several biobeds face inwardly, as rays of a sun, towards a central laboratory table. Monitors also are sprinkled about this room for access to lifesigns and patient information.

"Indeed. I have read," and Senka names the title of your first hoast's most well-known physics text.

Seryl smiles broadly. "I, Gods, it was such a different world. No space travel, electricity was still novel, Trill was still a patriarchy, even though the elites lived lives as different genders. It almost didn't get published, and the theory almost got stolen, but it wasn't."

Senka nods. "While T'Krev and Spek of the Vulcan science academy made substantial improvements and added numerous postulates, Jezers fundamental work on the curvature of spacetime is astoundingly accurate considering both her limited resources and the limited knowledge of astrophysics and cosmology on Trill at the time." Senka's tone is tinged with respect.

A faint frownline creasing his brow momentarily, Senka readjusts everal of the scanners, activating a series of submolecular imagers and resonance devices. He also seems to put his diagnostic equipment through self-diagnostic routines as each scanner becomes available for it.

"I have lived a long, long time since then, and had some hosts who appreciated science. And then this joining happened and..." It's hard for Moriah to put into words. "It's like I saw the universe like I did back then, but I got to be in it, travelling through space time and mapping it with something besides my mind. But it was a good mind, wasn't it?" She notes the frown. "Oh, why do Doctors always have to frown like that? Did no one ever teach you a poker face?"

Senka's expression smooths to utter impassivity. "I am having some difficulty with the submolecular scans, Admiral. I am ruling out the possibility that the equipment is in error."

Seryl frowns. "Submolecular?" She automatically tries to sit up. "I think it's your equipment," she says, trying to read the scans herself. "And if so, then I have a logical solution, Admiral. It will require a minor relocation. Excuse me." The seemingly combined scientific and medical mystery is bringing out the doggedly determined side of the Vulcan's personality. "I am going to complete the scans aboard the medical ship beverly crusher, where I am also CMO. I will transport us there with no loss of time or efficiency."

Seryl sighs. "If I miss my transport the Crusher is bringing me back to Spacedock, you understand?"

Senka nods. "That can be arranged."

Medical Laboratory [USS Beverly Crusher NCC-87802]
<< External Support Mode >>
The medical laboratory aboard the McCoy-class hospital cruiser allows for the various experts in virology, pathology and other foresnsic medicines to examine under close scrutiny any infectuous dieases which require a resolution to. This laboratory is equipped with the latest medical equipment for that express prupose.

Senka transports aboard and looks over at you as though this is quite normal. "Welcome aboard, Admiral." he gestures you to the larger and more comfy biobed.

Seryl stands utterly and completely still for a moment, and then seems to come back to herself, after that odd skip. She smiles and looks at Senka, then around at the room. "Well, glad to see my blue-shirted medical counterpart has a nice vessel," she says. "I'm guessing you want me up here," she says, getting up on the nicer biobed.

Seryl lays on Biobed.

"Commodore Astor-Cross would settle for nothing less," he murmurs. It's obvious she's an acquaintance of some long standing. As he activates the array of medical and purely scientific scanners around you, the beaping and humming is more muted and of a different character. Everything from the look of the sleek and pristine equipment to its very sound pattern suggests the absolute cutting edge of Starfleet medical science. He sets the scanners for submolecular imaging and analysis and waits for the suite of equipment to feed data to the room's master monitor.

Seryl smiles softly as the lights move around her. "I need to get the name of her instrument manufacturer. And her designer."

"Curious," he murmurs. "I seem to be detecting a form of destabilization at the subatomic level, Admiral. It's not systemic, and your body appears to be taking compensatory measures against it. It may even be cyclical. Has this difficulty occured in previous hoasts? Or are you already aware of it?"

Okay, now she sits up. "Destabilization at what level? And no, that has never happened to us before, ever. Everything else has, but-" She frowns. "Well, I think I may have died once and been rescued by an alternate future version of my daughter. But that was a very long time ago."

"It would seem," Senka replies, considering the monitors, "to be a non-localized quantum destabilization occuring in both your hoast body and the Seryl symbiont itself. It's widespread, and systemic in so far as it affects most body systems in some fashion, but non-systemic in that I do not as yet detect an overall pattern to the instances of destabilization." He adds, seemingly out of that Vulcan racial need to be as clear and precise as possible, "that does not mean, however, that no such pattern exists."

Senka studies the scans carefully. "I am detecting no degredation in your neural pathways per se. However, it appears that your body is producing its own quantum-level disruptions. I am uncertain why."

Seryl blinks. "I...I don't know how it's doing that. I've been on Trill, and Bajor, and Earth, and we're talking about a house, and I haven't been around any space time tears or energy beings or anything."

Senka taps a series of complex commands into the computer station. "I am sharing these data between our computers here and those aboard the station, cross-referencing these scans with all known forms of biological and non-biological life including acorporial life forms as well as a variety of astrophysical phenomena that have been associated with quantum-level alteration in proximate biological life forms. The cross-referencing will take several hours, as several million items must be checked."

Seryl nods softly. "What should I do in the meantime? Besides go to Morn's? Because I am not going to the Temple and scaring Kyle for no reason."

Senka considers that. "I would like you to remain aboard the station, Admiral. If you will agree to do that, I see no need to ask you to remain in a medical facility. Do you have any quarters here?"

Seryl shakes her head. "No. But it probably wouldn't be difficult to have guest quarters assigned. I know people," she says with an attempt at humor. She frowns. "I'm going to have to tell my family something. But you can fix this, can't you? Find the source of the instability and...piece of cake."

"While I am uncertain what relation a baked good such as a cake has to do with the resolution of this issue, yes, I believe that if I can determine the proximate cause, I can devise a solution." He considers. "You are welcome to utilize my own quarters aboard station. I keep quarters aboard the Crusher as well, so I can certainly spare them."

Seryl smiles and nods, feeling a little more at ease. "That's very kind. I don't suppose you have a harp in there I could borrow?"

Senka nods. "My ancestral litherette. I am not a tallented musician, but it is in working order and you are welcome to play it."

Senka adds. "I shall beam you from here to my quarters. I would advise rest. I will communicate with your granddaughter as well as your family in Sol system. I will also tender a report to Doctor Astor-Cross and the station's commander."

Seryl bites her lip. "Just be upbeat." She pauses, thinking how inane that sounded. "I mean, be upbeat in your logic," she amends. "I don't want them to worry, and you don't want Irving charging in here. Which he'll probably do, anyway."

Senka nods, taking your meaning. "I shall not overemphasize the issues at hand," he reassures you. I shall arrange your transport at once, Admiral. And I assure you I shall do all that is possible to assist you."

Senka heads out.

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