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K'Tala, Daughter of Tavana, House Korat
K'Tala, daughter of Tavana.png
Character Overview
Rank: BDFN-O-1.png
Title: Security Officer
SBR Astraeus
Status: Alive
Race: Klingon
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: September 09, 2401
Place of Birth: Jalanda City, Bajor, B'hava'el
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Bajoran Defense Force
Parents: Korat (Father)
Tavana (Mother)
Siblings: Kru (Elder Brother)
B'Rak (Younger Brother)
Ruktah (Younger Sister)
Spouse: None
Children: None
OOC Information
Played By:

Ensign K'Tala, Daughter of Tavana is a serving member of the Bajoran Defense Force as a Security Officer in the Naval Branch. She is currently serving aboard the SBR Astraeus under the command of Captain Kainon Essa. This posting began on Stardate 116832.83 (October 31, 2439).



Early Life

House Korat is an old and noble House. Some say it can trace its lineage back to the time of Kahless, as one of the first dozen Houses to rise and openly follow his teachings. The House was built on tradition and honor, on legacy. This is why Korat was chosen as a diplomat, sent to Bajor. Korat, son of Bomar, temporarily moved his wife and son, Kru, to Bajor as he joined the panels and groups of people offering advice. This was the House K'Tala was born into, on the morning of September Ninth, 2401, in Jalanda City on Bajor. Born to Korat and Tavana, daughter of T'Rel, K'Tala is the second of four children. Kru is the first-born, and eldest son. After K'Tala, the third-born is her younger brother B'Rak, followed by her younger sister Ruktah. They had the finest that money and their honor could give; each child became well-skilled in combat and well-versed in academics.

She, her brother, and sister, being born on Bajor, were given dual citizenship upon petition by Korat and Tavana, as the Bajoran people earned a deep respect by House Korat, and wished to reflect the ties to Bajor and its people his House had gained over the years. The children grew up enjoying the best of both cultures; running and playing with Bajoran children, hunting and practicing Mok'bara and tactical strategies with Aktuh, Korat's aide and attendant of decades, and Najuk, the head of the House Guard also for decades. They honed their bodies and their minds, taking on hobbies that encouraged thoughtfulness, studiousness, and dedication. K'Tala herself developed an interest in animal husbandry, particularly the rearing and training of VIlInHoD and GhISnar, the predatory birds and predatory cats, respectively, native to Qo'noS.

Korat kept his ear to the ground as time passed, and soon knew that trouble was brewing. Enough that he and his family would have to leave Bajor--but he couldn't, at least not fully. Not without knowing what was going on with the planet and the people, he had come to respect. He took his eldest daughter aside and told her he wanted at least one of his children to fight with, and for, the people who had gained his deep respect. K'Tala would keep him aware of its happenings following the expulsion of the Alliance, since her younger siblings were entering Starfleet. He swore an oath on his honor that she would be given her citizenship back one day, and that Grathor would welcome any who called her dishonorable for her actions. Being a dutiful and loving daughter, she agreed without hesitation, keeping her concerns to herself. As such, even though she was in her mid-thirties, she joined the Bajoran Defense force. She left the home in Jalanda City she inherited from her parents in the care of her aide G'Vera, whose mother was Karana, wife of Korat's aide Aktuh. She would tend the home and K'Tala's pet ghISnar, while K'Tala joined the Academy.

Bajoran Defense Force Career

Naval Academy

For the first time in her life, things weren't easy or focused solely on her. She had to put aside her nobility, her heritage, which--was more difficult than she had imagined it would be. It quickly became apparent that walking between two worlds, two cultures, might not be as easy as it had been before. She'd had the luxury of her family and friends, before; people who knew and understood her, people who accepted her as she was, how dually influenced she was. She had her pet vIlInHoD with her, and she was all that got K'Tala through some days. This was certainly seen as--odd--sometimes by her classmates, as she actually spoke to her pet, and seemed to understand it in turn.

She studied the tenets and strictures of Security in the Navy, the way one used intellect and cunning over brute force, as that was something closest to what she was used to. She strove for graduation, working harder than she ever had on anything before, though it was to be a bittersweet ceremony. Her family obviously couldn't attend in person, though she spoke with them via subspace communication later. Still, she tried to look forward, to prove that her later age in joining the Defense Force meant little to nothing, that her honor would allow her to be nothing but a valuable asset to her compatriots.

S.B.R. Astraeus

Following her graduation, K'Tala was assigned to the SBR Astraeus, under the command of Captain Kainon Essa, serving as a security officer.

Service Record

Certifications and Citations

Awards and Decorations

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