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House of Ma'al
Rank: First Lieutenant

First Lieutenant

Callsign: Blade
Title: Marine Pilot, MSG-333
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G)
Race: Klingon
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet
Marine Corps Air Service

First Lieutenant K'mpok, of the house of Ma'al is a Marine officer and is currently serving as a Marine pilot aboard the USS Yorktown under the command of Captain M'hrr.


Personnel file


Born on Qo'noS in 2390, K'mpok was youngest of five male children. His parents had no high expectations for him, being the youngest so he worked hard to prove that he was worthy of being called a Klingon warrior. During his childhood he trained hard with a variety of weapons and became exceptionally skilled at using a variety of hand to hand weapons.

Growing up during the GA civil war is hard on anyone, especially one so young as K'mpok was. He heard much about the great battles and, like any Klingon his age, reenacted them during playtime with other children his own age. News came that his eldest brother was killed in battle on Starbase 902, which led to a great celebration. K'mpok was not sure what side he would've taken during the war, but vowed if he ever had the chance he would do what he could to bring even more honor to his house.

At age 15, K'mpok had the chance to complete the MajQa ceremony. During the heat induced visions, Chancellor Gowron, who died during the start of the civil war in the Galaxy Alliance, appeared to him, urging him to bring honor to himself and family by joining Starfleet.

He enrolled in Starfleet Academy when he was 16 and floated between a few different programs before finally finding his place with the Marines as a fighter pilot. He graduated middle of his class, nothing spectacular, not excelling at anything in particular.

One of his hobbies includes collecting various bladed weapons from throughout the universe, his most prized weapon being his Bat'letH given to him by his father upon his graduation as a Second Lieutenant in MCAS. It holds a place of honor in his display of his blades in his quarters.

K'mpok looks forward to proving himself as both a pilot and a Marine in general, to die in battle, giving honor to his family, and to someday have children of his own, who will bring honor and glory to him and the Klingon race as a whole.

Service Record


20. Space Medal


  • Gamma Quadrant Exploration Ribbon
  • Marine Corps Service Bar
  • Navigation/Helm Certification
  • Weapons Certification
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