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BAJOR (INW) - In a press release made by the Office of the Kai on Bajor, it was revealed today that Kai Lishan's death is in fact nothing more than an elaborate hoax. The Kai is in good health and continuing to recover from what has been described as an "ordeal" at an undisclosed religious retreat on Bajor.

"The condition that nearly claimed his life was the result of an elaborate effort to poison him," Vedek Rin announced on the Kai's behalf. He went on to say that a detailed investigation is forthcoming and will be aided by Starfleet officials. "Starfleet officers were with the Kai when this situation began, a Starfleet rescue ship was dispatched when aide was needed, and Starfleet physicians saved the Kai's life. It seems prudent to include them in the investigation since they have been involved since it began."

However, because the alleged poisoning took place on or near Risa, it is likely that requesting Starfleet assistance was requested to help facilitate the interstellar investigation which seems, at this point, to focus entirely on soil and space beyond Bajor.

This cooperation could be significant as relations between the member world of Bajor and the Galaxy Alliance as a whole have been strained in recent months, especially in the wake of heavy penalties faced by Bajor due to new internal trade tariffs. However, the Vedek Assembly made no mention of any diplomatic intentions related to this joint effort.

"A full report will be released once the joint investigation between the Kai's Office and Starfleet is complete," Vedek Rin concluded.

(Stardate: 79613.39 - Sun Aug 12 21:17:54 2401 Alliance Standard Time)

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