Kai Criticizes Election Delay

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IC Date: Thu Feb 17 2405

JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) - The Office of the Kai has issued a statement in regards to the recent legal action taken by Foreign Minister Ashan Richard and and former Starfleet lieutenant commander Jennifer O'Dell. "Regardless of the politics, the delay in the election is costing Bajoran citizens daily," Lishan Noryl, Kai of Bajor, said publicly on Thursday.

"I, myself, am a candidate in this election," Lishan stated, "but I am a concerned citizen first. This is a critical time for Bajor, and this legal squabbling is costing far more than a few hundred credits. It is time for the courts to take action on this matter and proceed in electing the next political leader of Bajor. The uncertain political climate of Bajor demands this, especially now."

Critics of Kai Lishan explained this statement away as self-serving. However, independent sources have reported continued tensions of Bajor with reports of an decrease in public opinion polls regarding their satisfaction with the Alliance and their belief that the Alliance has the best interests of Bajor at hand since the election freeze was initiated in early June.

The Office of the Kai encouraged citizens to petition their local and Alliance representatives to put this matter to rest for the sake of Bajor's future.

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