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IC Date: Sat Apr 9 2405

JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) - Lishan Noryl, sustaining his vast lead over the other candidates, has been elected First Minister of Bajor. This marks the first time in Bajoran recorded history that a religious leader has been elected to serve as the Head of State permanently rather than being appointed to the position, typically in an interim capacity.

Lishan, who has served as Kai of Bajor for 15 years, will retain his position as religious leader of Bajor while simultaneously serving as First Minister. Unlike most governments, the Bajoran government does not specifically call for the separation of church and state nor does it have any laws prohibiting concurrent service.

Lishan Noryl will be sworn in as First Minister of Bajor later today as the installation date for newly elected officials has already passed due to the delays in the election cycle.

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