Kai adds independence to platform

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IC Date: Sun Mar 13 2405

MOUSILLA PROVINCE, BAJOR (INW) -- Less than a week after riots killed four Starfleet marines, political demonstration on Bajor has decreased in favor of campaigning in light of the rescheduled planetary elections that are to be held in just under a month.

Today, Lishan Noryl, Kai of Bajor and candidate for the Office of First Minister, made appearances in five major cities. This represents a reinvestment in the campaign that had died down previous among all the candidates when the election had been delayed indefinitely. However, the subject of the Kai's speeches called for financial and military independence from the Galaxy Alliance. Though a serious source of concern for Alliance government officials, polls on Bajor have shown a major outpouring of support for Kai Lishan's candidacy since his appearances today.

Critics have accused the Kai of appealing to a sensitive issue on Bajor in order to obtain votes. No one from the Office of Kai Lishan was available for comment.

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