Kai blames leaders for economic difficulties

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IC Date: Wed May 21 2403

TEMPASSA VILLAGE, BAJOR (INW) - During a scheduled appearance at the temple in the Tempassa Village, Kai Lishan Noryl, religious leader of Bajor, called Bajorans there and everywhere to hold fast to their faith and remain vigilant in the midst of the trials and hardships they are facing.

The speech was delivered as a message of hope to the farmers and skilled laborers of Tempassa Village who have been hit hard by the recent economic sanctions impacting traders in the Alliance. The "trickle down" effect has left many citizens with goods that cannot be sold, including perishable foodstuffs. Kai Lishan blamed the current economic crisis on "leaders who are acting without faith in the Prophets and with no investment in Bajor".

Political and economic analysts have noted rising tension on Bajor over the past year, mostly among those in the private sector who have been hard hit by the recent economic crisis. According to economic analysts, Tempassa Village is only one of many small settlements and towns on Bajor that has been hard hit.

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