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Kainon Essa
Rank: Rear Admiral (Retired) BDFN-O-8.png
Title: Proprietor, Highly Caffeinated Enterprises
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Male
Status: Married to Sasha Catriani-Kainon
Affiliation: Democratic Republic of Bajor
Parents: Father: Aiden (dec.) Mother: Mirian
Siblings: Brother: Jiral, twin (dec.)
Children: R'ull, Jiral Aaron



Kainon Essa's current position is Proprietor of Highly Caffeinated Enterprises. He is married to Marchioness Sasha Catriani of Kingdom of Eden and is father to R'ull Soren Catriani-Kainon and Kainon Jiral Aaron.


Essa was born a few years removed of the Cardassian Occupation. The Kendra Valley was never the same after the massacre, with many of the people holing themselves up in caves. His father, Aiden, and mother, Mirian, were over-joyed to have given birth to twin boys, Essa and Jiral. They knew that the boys would have a hard life growing up in a world that was much different than the one they knew. The Cardassians were gone, and a new life was about to begin. They were now fighting a common enemy, the Borg.

The family had just come out from the caves. Aiden, with help from friends in the area, had built a small house in the Valley. Life was adjusting hard for him. Aiden's new family was settled, but something wasn't right with Bajor. He was very active in the Resistance. Aiden had heard disheartening news that a new pair of Collaborators were threatening Bajor. He, with aid from others, took action and killed the two. His punishment was swift, and was executed by the Provisional Government. Now a young mother had to fend for the twins alone.

Essa's later childhood was rough, but he managed. His father being taken by the government, Essa and his brother had to live much in the guidance of the elders from the area. They taught him the way of the military and guerrilla tactics. He grew up from that point knowing his history, and having a deep-rooted hate for Cardassians. Essa excelled in athletics and had acceptable academic marks. In their late teenage years, Essa and Jiral went to Starfleet Academy after graduating prep school. Jiral decided to take a different path, as a Diplomatic Attache. Tragically, Jiral lost his life when the ship he was on crash landed on Jeraddo.

Essa soon knew he was alone. What they say about twins is true. Even though Essa and Jiral had different interests and paths in life, they were very much connected and proud of each other. Essa's mother, Mirian, backed Essa in everything that he did from that point. She attended every function that Essa had. The graduation from Training School, promotion ceremony, Academy graduation. She was proud of his ascension and all of his accomplishments.

Special Missions Team

Essa served with pride in his early days with Starfleet. When he came out of the Starfleet Special Missions School, he graduated to the Guerrilla Division attached to the Special Missions Team (SMT). As soon as he graduated, he was assigned to a small ground forces platoon as Assistant Commander as an Ensign. Soon after his commission was started, the Freedom Wars began. Bajor was rocked in violence. Essa's unit was thrown right into the fray and the young Ensign was not spared. During a fight in the Capital Sector, the unit took heavy losses. Kainon was given a battlefield promotion to Platoon Commander and stayed in place in the Capital Sector. Soon after the battle in the Capital subsided, there were reports of skirmishes and strong battles in the outlying areas. In his support of the GA on Bajor, his unit was upgraded to SMT-Special Ground Forces status. The war ended soon after the unit's upgrade and all involved were awarded the Freedom Wars Ribbon as part of joint tactics with Starfleet and Alliance Forces.

Shortly after his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, Kainon was assigned to SF-SMT Demolitions Training. Upon completion, he was then assigned to the Starfleet Special Missions Team, Covert Demolition Operations (SMT-CDO). He loved doing his job. Most of the time, Essa oversaw the training of his unit's members. They were sent on special missions that are still classified within the Starfleet files.

While a member of the SMT, Essa thought it would do them good to have an active member in the athletics on planet. While continuously honing his skills, Essa entered the Bajoran Boxing Championships as a Light Heavyweight. He finished the tournament 8-0 with 5 KOs and was crowned champion. Later that year, the Mixed Martial Arts tournament started. His unit urged him to enter the round-robin competition. In 15 fights over the two month tournament, he finished 13-1-1. His loss came when he was disqualified for grabbing the nether-regions of his competitor and dragging him about the ring, after being bitten on the nose. He recovered from the embarrassment and went on to capture the belt in the Light Heavyweight division. In 2394, Kainon decided to show off his prowess in another field... Liver destruction. He entered the Bajoran Beer Slamming Championships in the Light Heavyweight division. He walked off with the championship, slamming down a record 27, 16 ounce beers in a time of 14 minutes. He promptly went to sleep, and didn't wake up for 17 hours. The belt from that is still a prized possession.

Later in 2394, Essa was assigned to the Covert Division of SMT in the Capital Division. His duties included counter-intelligence against possible rebel and Collaborators still remaining after the Freedom Wars. He served that assignment until 2395, when his Commission expired with the SMT. Although he loved is time and the people he served with, he felt his skills could serve a greater good in Starfleet proper. He re-entered Starfleet Academy on a Fast Track of Starship Operations. After a six month program, he graduated with honors and a Letter of Recommendation from the Commandant. His concentration was in Operations and Command, upon request by several in Starfleet, and he was assigned to Command school for a month-long training course in starship command. Two days after leaving Command School, there was word of a small uprising on Bajor V. The insurrection wasn't much, but it was just enough to send a small unit. With the lack of people in system, Kainon was sent as the leader of a small Joint Fleet/Marine unit. His demolition skills were put to the test as he exploded a small line of charges. He exclaimed to the rebellion, "I got three weeks worth of this shit in my backpack. And if you don't want it shoved up your asses, throw down your weapons and we can all go home!" They did and so did the unit. For putting a stop to the insurrection so quickly, his unit was awarded the Unit Excellence Ribbon.

Fleet Activity

Upon his graduation, he was re-Commissioned as a Lieutenant in Starfleet. Shortly after graduation, he was assigned as Chief Operations Officer and was surprised to hear that he was also made Second Officer aboard the USS Astraeus. He is proud of his new assignment and serves with a zeal for the job. His mother attended both his graduation and promotion ceremonies, as well as the christening and assignment ceremony of the Astraeus. He now carries on, proud of his accomplishments to date. Looking forward to the protection of the Alliance and furthering of peace through strength.

Life on Astraeus was all he wanted. Though a little hard to get used to at first, not being used to life on a starship, but that quickly subsided. His first real action was trying to save the USS Bonneventure from scuttling, however that ended badly for the ship. Then there was the Battle of Ferasa against the Borg, where he saw one of his shipmates nearly killed in action. Something that he was accustomed to as a member of SMT, but never saw on a Naval assignment. Perhaps one of the biggest joys that he realized as a member of Astraeus was perhaps one of the saddest for the galaxy; the destruction of the Delcamaria system. He took part in the destruction of the system to stop the Borg from wreaking havoc on the quadrant. The Astraeus succeeded, however the ramifications of this were deep with a massive black hole in its place. Following the Delcamaria incident, LCDR Winters had to take emergency leave. The young Lieutenant was thrust into the position of Executive Officer aboard Astraeus. Now his life was taking on a change, for the better would still be left to judgment of the others around him and his peers within Starfleet abroad. His promotion was a surprise also, the job was one thing, but being called 'Commander' was something that he hadn't let his brain quite wrap around. With the destruction of Astraeus, his life seemingly could have gone to hell, although no one around him would know any of it.

Fast forward a couple months. All is right in Essa's world. There was a bit of relaxation knowing that things were stable. Then one day out of the blue, a letter from ADM Ruao came across his desk. Command... as in take command. He was appointed as the Commanding Officer of the USS Entropy. He didn't know what to think, but strangely enough, knew what to do. His mentor had given him all the tools to be a good Captain. And that was the weirdest part of all of them. 'Captain.' Another new role to take and another new title to be called by. His head was spinning, but still in the right place. His crew kept him grounded, knowing them from his past assignment aboard Astraeus. He made sure to make them a part of his life and keep them close to him. Then it happened... a mistake while controlling the ship on a mission and Entropy drifted into Tzenkethi space. As fast as it all happened for him, it was taken away. And he knew that he only had himself to blame. His Command was taken away, and he fell into a slight bit of a funk. But he still kept his head high. A little leave was a good thing, perhaps. Give him some time to think about what was going on. Then another call... war. The Tzenkethi invaded GA space and he was now given a new assignment with a familiar face. Back as the 'XO' with the Captain he was most familiar with. Essa knew now, he couldn't drop the ball, because it would probably get kicked right back into his ass.

With the Tzenkethi War drawn to its close, Essa finds himself transferred between commands a couple times. Having a hard time finding himself in all of the shuffling, he looks within for answers. Another stint on board USS Defiant as First Officer under his mentor worked to turn him around. Minor skirmishes and defections from a group known as Skull Fleet cemented him as the officer that he looked to become for so long. In 2401, Kainon found himself transferred again. This time to USS Excalibur. At the time, a Pre-Commissioned Unit in Starfleet's Border Patrol. Beerax and the Kingdom of Eden's Eden station were rocked with civil unrest and explosions, Kainon's transfer to Excalibur--then poised in the Beeraxi System--proved to be a good move by the SF powers-that-be. He was instrumental in calming much of the violence and helping in the investigations ongoing between the Alliance's DCP and Starfleet itself.

Now 2404 and Essa enters his 15th year of Starfleet service. A promotion to Commander upon being transferred to Excalibur and now a new twist to his life. Personal dealings were never his strong suit. There was a massive failure of a relationship when he re-entered the Academy, but that was seven years ago. He's matured and has finally found the one that he's fallen in love with, Lady Sasha Catriani from the Kingdom of Eden. Enough so, that he asked her to marry him... and she accepted. May the Prophets bless her!

February 2404 and the wedding has passed them by. Now, a Marquis-Consort, an honorary title given by Ambrosia, Inc., he and Marchioness Sasha Catriani-Kainon now embark on their new journey. The papers have been officially entered in to adopt the Caitian kitten, R'ull, and the Bajoran eagerly awaits the word to come from high up in the judgeships and the like for the go ahead. He feels his life is slowly taking shape and with the new job as Aide-de-Camp to Admiral Ruao, the rigors of space life aren't a toll that he has to pay for now.

Having been re-assigned and named Executive Officer of USS Triton, with good friend Jack Richter as his Captain, Essa set off for another new journey aboard a ship class he knew all too well. Early in 2405, there were explosions that rocked Triton, Deep Space 9, and USS Defiant. Orders were forged to show that Essa, and Admiral Ruao Sarjanna were behind the attacks. Essa was detained for a few days while his name was cleared of the charges. Shortly afterward, the elections on Bajor took place and Kai Lishan was elected as the new First Minister of Bajor... Secession was the next step.

Bajoran Secession

Kainon made the jump along with scores of others. Shortly after his heart felt resignation from Starfleet, he was sworn in and Commissioned into the newly formed Bajoran Defense Force Navy as a Commander. As his Commission was akin to lateral move, he was given command of the newly transferred SBR Kongo. A new crew, and a new rank, a promotion to Captain. Essa now finds himself in an old role with a new ship. His professional life seems to have come full circle, his personal life well-grounded. For the first time in a long while, Essa seems to have found his path.

Life of a Flag Officer

The changes within the Bajoran Navy go on everyday. With a number of senior field officers retiring or resigning their commissions for life as a civilian, there was one more change. Kainon was given a promotion to Commodore and a new office was created for him to head up. Being the Chief of Interplanetary Affairs wasn't expected to be an easy position to fill. He takes visits and offers advice to the post commanders wherever Bajor holds sway. New Bajor, DS9, Valo and Bajor proper are just some of the places he visits on a normal basis. Along with continued meetings with allies and trying to hold strong the alliances Bajor has in place. He never relished driving a desk, but this is just a small step in his life. A new chapter and a new challenge.

After his time within Interplanetary Affairs, the Navy thought that Essa and the Fleet would be better served with him in an old post. Once again, he served with old friends, Jonathon Starr and Alynn Astor-Cross, as Executive Officer aboard Deep Space 9. He held the position for five years; almost an eternity for someone within the Bajoran Navy. The job had it's ups and downs, but doesn't everything? Also during that five years, a new addition to the family was introduced to the Galaxy. The Kainon family introduced Jiral Aaron. Like a Trill, he has spots that trace his body. Like a Bajoran, he has ridges on his nose. Like a Kainon, he's a spitfire and not easily kept in one place. The family love him, and he loves everyone. Soon after he was able to talk, he became a hit on the station and always the brightest point in his family's eyes.

That Wasn't in the Script

Every person that's ever worn a uniform has had someone--or a lot of someones--that doesn't want to see him/her succeed. There's a built in desire to do everything to make that person suffer. In 2416, the Cardassians got their shot on Kainon. A Ferengi ship docked with the station and stated they had engine troubles. Kainon had given the green light to repair the ship, and then was captured when invited for a thank you meal. After a chase, and Kainon finding a way to destroy the ship, he was captured by a Cardassian warship. The next week of his life was nothing but a blur. Constant torture and pounding and narcotics started to wear on the man. But through it all, Kainon managed to keep his head and not give in. Secrets stayed secret and thoughts stayed sacred. A rescue by Starfleet and Naval officers freed the Bajoran, now a changed person.

Back to the desk? Why not?

A series of shuffling by the Bajoran Defense Force and Starfleet, alike, spurred another change in Kainon's career. The newly reorganized Department of Security and Intelligence needed a leader. Admiral Lan Antos called upon Essa to be this leader. The challenge is great and the rewards could be greater. And Kainon Essa finds himself thinking... why not?

End of an Era

It was now time for Essa to call his forty year military career... over. The time has come for him to move on and live out his dream to become a coffee farmer overlooking his childhood home on Bajor in the Kendra Valley. Along with a small ship, he is trying to get his family business off the ground... one cup of coffee at a time. Farewell, Shipmates.

And so we continue...

Service Record

  • Y-blank3.png2387- Entered Starfleet Academy, Special Missions Team Program
  • Y-o1.png2389- Graduated. Commissioned Ensign (O-1)
  • Y-o1.png2389- Assigned as Asst. Platoon Cmdr.
  • Y-o1.png2389- Platoon Cmdr. KIA. Made Platoon Cmdr. in Capital Sector
  • Y-o1.png2389- Supported Bajoran Govt. in SMT against Rebellion
  • Y-o1.png2390- Assigned to SF-SMT Special Ground Forces
  • Y-o1.png2390- Awarded Freedom War Ribbon
  • Y-o2.png2391- Promoted to LTJG (O-2)
  • Y-o2.png2392- Completed SF-SMT Demolitions training
  • Y-o2.png2392- Assigned to SF-SMT, Covert Demolitions Ops
  • Y-o2.png2393- Wins Bajoran Boxing Championship, Lt. Heavyweight
  • Y-o2.png2393- Wins Bajoran MMA Championship, Lt. Heavyweight
  • Y-o2.png2394- Declared Bajoran Beer Slamming Champion, Lt. Heavyweight
  • Y-o2.png2394- Assigned SF-SMT Covert Forces, Bajoran Capital Sector
  • Y-o2.png2395- SF-SMT Commission Expired. Accepted to Fast Track at SFA
  • Y-o2.png2396- Graduated from SFA in Operations/Command
  • Y-o3.png2396- Re-commissioned as Lieutenant (O-3) upon graduation
  • Y-o3.png2396- Received Bachelor's Degree, Bajoran and Terran History (pre-Law Concentration)
  • Y-o3.png2396- Attended Command School. Received Unrestricted Line Officer Certification
  • Y-o3.png2396- Led Joint Fleet/Marine unit on Bajor V to quell minor uprising, awarded Unit Excellence Ribbon
  • Y-o3.png2396- Assigned to USS Astraeus (NCC-74917) as Chief of Operations and Second Officer under CDR Starr.
  • Y-o3.png2396- Attempted to save the abandoned USS Bonneventure. Last person to sit in command before scuttling
  • Y-o3.png2396- Engaged Borg at Battle of Ferasa. Awarded Golden Starburst and Unit Commendation Ribbon
  • R-o3.png2397- Appointed Acting Executive Officer, USS Astraeus
  • R-o4.png2397- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
  • R-o4.png2397- Relieved of duty upon destruction of USS Astraeus
  • R-o4.png2397- Appointed Commanding Officer, USS Entropy
  • R-o4.png2398- Relieved of Command, placed in Officer Pool aboard Deep Space Nine
  • R-o4.png2398- Appointed Executive Officer, USS Defiant, under CAPT Starr
  • R-o4.png2400- Assigned to Deep Space 9 under CAPT Walters. Detached Duty to USS Defiant, under CAPT Starr
  • R-o4.png2401- Appointed Executive Officer, USS Defiant (NCC-90002), under CAPT Starr
  • R-o5.png2401- Promoted to Commander (O-5)
  • R-o5.png2401- Reassigned. Appointed Executive Officer, USS Excalibur (NCC-90003), under then-CAPT Xanathos
  • R-o5.png2402- Announced engagement to Lady Sasha Catriani of Kingdom of Eden
  • R-o5.png2403- Reassigned. Investigator, Starfleet Inspector General's Office.
  • R-o5.png2403- Reassigned. Aide-de-Camp, ADM Ruao Sarjanna, CINCBAJCOM
  • R-o5.png2404- Married Viscountess Sasha Catriani of Kingdom of Eden
  • R-o5.png2404- Reassigned. Appointed Executive Officer, USS Triton (NCC-74928), under CDR Richter
  • 2405- Resigned Starfleet Commission
  • BDFN-O-5.png 2405- Accepted Commission with the Bajoran Defense Force Navy, rank: Commander (O-5)
  • BDFN-O-5.png 2405- Assigned Commanding Officer, SBR Kongo MTIN-1710
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2405- Promoted to Captain (O-6)
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2405- Established First Contact and Trade Agreement with Dosi
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2405- Discovered Kotha Tremali IV and proposed New Bajor Colony site, thereon.
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2406- Assigned Bajoran Liaison Officer/Executive Officer, Deep Space 9
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2406- Destroyed SBR Kongo as it was taken over by The Circle
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2406- Relieved of duty aboard Deep Space 9
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2406- Command and crew transferred to SBR Waverley MTIN-9811
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2406- Command and crew transferred to SBR Faikaru MTIN-9850
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2408- Command and crew transferred to SBR Fearless MTIN-4305
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2408- SBR Fearless destroyed in action. All hands recovered.
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2408- Assumes Command of SBR Ahwahnee MTIN-2048
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2409- SBR Ahwahnee suffers major damage to warp systems and is recalled.
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2409- Assumes Command of SBR Adelphi MTIN-26849
  • BDFN-O-7.png 2411- Promotion to Commodore (O-7) by order of VAdm Rohan
  • BDFN-O-7.png 2411- Appointed Chief of Interplanetary Affairs for the Defense Force
  • BDFN-O-7.png 2411- Flag transferred to SBR Lonar
  • BDFN-O-7.png 2411- Flag transferred to SBR Valley Forge MTIN-43305
  • BDFN-O-7.png 2414- Flag transferred to Deep Space Nine
  • BDFN-O-7.png 2414- Appointed Bajoran Liaison Officer and Executive Officer, DS9, under BADM Starr
  • BDFN-O-7.png 2418- Appointed Chief of Security and Intelligence, Bajoran Defense Force
  • BDFN-O-7.png 2418- Flag transferred to SBR Bajora Kejal MTIN-71888
  • BDFN-O-7.png 2423- Flag transferred to Deep Space 9 after SBR Bajora Kejal destroyed
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2424- Voluntary reduction in grade to Captain (O-6)
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2424- Reassigned. Commanding Officer, USS Excalibur (NCC-90003)
  • 2428- Retired from Naval Service
  • BDFN-O-7.png 2429- Naval Commission reactivated by order of Admiral Alenis Jardon. Rank: Commodore (O-7)
  • BDFN-O-8.png 2429- Promotion to Rear Admiral (O-8)
  • BDFN-O-8.png 2429- Appointed Commanding Officer, Bajoran Fleet Reserve
  • BDFN-O-8.png 2438- Stood down from duties involving Bajoran Fleet Reserve
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2438- Voluntary reduction in grade to Captain (O-6)
  • BDFN-O-6.png 2438- Appointed Commanding Officer, SBR Astraeus MTIN-90031
  • BDFN-O-8.png 2440- Retired Commission. Reinstated to prior rank upon retirement.

Medals (Bajoran Navy)

DRB OB3.png
DRB SE.png DRB NMJ.png DRB IMK.png
DRB MH.png DRB DMN.png DRB HoP.png
DRB MG.png DRB MNS.png DRB AF.png
Row 1 The Most Honourable Order of Bajor
(Third Class, Eka Dar'Kasha)
Row 2 The Star of Excellence The Noble Medal of Jalanda The Illustrious Medal of Kran
Row 3 The Medal of Ha'dara The Distinguished Medal of Noleya The Hand of the Prophets
Row 4 The Medal of Gratitude The Medal of Naval Service The Award of the Faithful

Medals (Starfleet)

Space-medal.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon.png Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon.png
Row 1 Golden Starburst
Row 2 Space Medal Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon

Awards/Citations (Bajoran Navy)

  • Letter of Distinction from the First Minister
  • First Contact Ribbon
  • Command Ribbon
  • Foreign Service Ribbon

Awards/Citations (Starfleet)

  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Scanner Certification
  • Communications Certification
  • Tractor Beam Certification
  • Transporter Certification
  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Weapons Certification
  • Freedom War Ribbon
  • Letter of Commendation
  • Starfleet Discharge: Administrative
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