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Kame-Tiik Alhe
Character Overview
Rank: BDFN-O-6.png


Title: Commanding Officer

Starbase Chandali

Status: Alive
Race: Bajoran
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: 19/01/2376 (63)
Place of Birth: Jalanda, Bajor
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Democratic Republic of Bajor (Navy)
Parents: Kame Linzette (mom)
Kame Alerd (dad)
Siblings: None
Spouse: Arleon Tiik
Children: Ahsoren Kame Tiik
OOC Information
Played By:

Captain Kame-Tiik Alhe, MD, PhD is a serving Bajoran Defense Force officer. Currently she is the Commanding Officer aboard Starbase Chandali (formerly Deep Space 9).



Early Life

Kame Alhe, the only daughter of Kame Linzette (mom) and Kame Alerd (dad), was born in Jalanda in the year 2376. Her mother worked as a psychology professor at the University of Jalanda while her father ran an export business, mainly the exporting of produce grown in the area. She was very loved by her parents as well as her grandmother, who she was named after, just as her mother was named after her grandmother.

Religion has always been a huge part of Alhe's life. Her grandmother's brother is a monk in a monastery in the Dahkur Province. He hasn't seen the family face to face in many years, but he keeps in touch with Alhe through correspondences helping her to learn of the Prophets and seeking their will in her life.

In 2381 when the Breen attacked Jalanda there was enough speculation and warning for the family to leave the area, heading toward Dahkur Province and safety. Alerd returned to Jalanda soon after the attack to help start the rebuilding efforts and the rest of the family followed approximately six months later. Alhe was only 5 when it happened and all she really remembers is packing everything she could into a bag and leaving her home for so long. Her mother went right back to work, but this time her job was in helping to rebuild the university while her father worked on other government buildings. Alhe saw all the destruction, even after 6 months. She even saw some of the injured from their neighborhood as they started to slowly return home. Maybe this was the turning point in her life when she thought that being a doctor was what she wanted to do, even at the age of almost 6. Her father vowed that he would do everything he could to make sure nothing like that happened to the city he loved again. Linzette on the other hand worked overtime helping people and students deal with the psychological affects of the attack and even to this day she still sees some of those patients who are still dealing with the devastation and destruction they witnessed.

As she was growing up Alhe seemed to excel in sciences, but also in music, learning to play the piano at a very early age and eventually composing her own music. Her mother's fondest wish was for her to follow in her footsteps and study psychology but Alhe had other ideas. She knew she wanted to stay in the medical field so she enrolled in the University of Jalanda and got her degree in medicine.

Starfleet Academy

Wanting to explore the universe around her she choose to attend the SFA Annex in Jalanda and get her commission through there. Once she was finished with SFA in 2401 with her M.D and then in 2403 finished with a counseling degree. She did her residency at the SFA Annex under the direction of the CMO, Commander Nars Phremesh and then a 1 year counseling internship on Bajor under the direction of her mother Kame Linzette.

Bajoran Defense Force

While working there she met and fell head over heels for Lt. Steve Whorley. However, when Bajor made the move to split from the GA, (in which her father was a strong supporter of, holding town hall style meetings to educate and gain support for the issue) ,and became independent once again, Alhe felt the pull toward her own people. She applyed for a position within the BDF as an MD or Counselor hopefully aboard one of the ships. Steve did not understand her desire to serve her people and felt that she should remain with SF and the GA. She spent many hours in prayer asking the Prophets for their guidance and direction in the matter and the answer was very clear, she was to go back to her people and serve them, and that is what she did.

Life Events

November 16, 2423 Married Kero Sene

December 29, 2430 Divorced Kero Sene

April 7, 2431 Married Arleon Tiik

December 25, 2434 Gave birth to Ahsoren Kame Tiik

Service Record

Awards and Decorations

DRB SH.png DRB SS 2x.png DRB IMM.png
DRB NMJ.png DRB IMK.png DRB MR 2x.png
DRB HoP.png DRB MG.png DRB MNS.png
DRB RGAS.png DRB AF.png Chancellor-unit-citation.png
Row 1 The Star of Heroism The Star of Sacrifice (2x) The Illustrious Medallion of Meressa
Row 2 The Noble Medal of Jalanda The Illustrious Medal of Kran The Medal of the Resistance (2x)
Row 3 The Hand of the Prophets The Medal of Gratitude The Medal of Naval Service
Row 4 The Ribbon for Alliance Service The Award of the Faithful Chancellor's Unit Citation

The below listed awards are not worn on her Uniform, per regulations.

Awards and Decorations of the Alliance Starfleet

Row 1 Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon (2x)


  • Letter of Commendation

  • Command Ribbon
  • Foreign Service Ribbon

  • Staff Corps Officer
  • Medical Equipment Certification
  • Medical Triage Certification

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
Reporting for duty (RP Log) 11 February 2013 Kero, Kame
Blinded by Anger (RP Log) 11 February 2013 Sarish, Kame
A Matter of Pride - Part 6 (RP Log) 03 February 2014 Kame, Senka
Ten-Forward Interlude (RP Log) 19 February 2014 Kainon, Kame, LeBlanc, S'hado
A Celebration of Independence (RP Log) 23 February 2014 Coiseos, Eilonwy, Giovanni, Jiral, Kainon, Kame, LeBlanc, Muireann, Roana, Seryl, Shra'Hawk, Starr, Torin, Tracer, Trasera, Trex
Another Day at the Office (RP Log) 17 April 2014 Kainon, Kame, Rayner
The Bible and the Borg (RP Log) 02 October 2014 Carey, Kame, Senka
Once More Unto the Breach (RP Log) 20 November 2014 Kame, Rayner, Reid, Sharis, Tobyn
Let's Get Physical (RP Log) 15 December 2014 Kame, Kina
Ancient Probe (RP Log) 01 March 2015 Danek, Kame, Reid, Sevok, Sharis
Purification of B'hava'el (RP Log) 14 March 2015 Brax, Corso, Kame, Kina, Reid, Sharis, Shra'hawk, Vrillak
The Eye of the Needle (RP Log) 14 May 2015 Carey, Kame-Tiik, Kainon, Senka, Sharis
Sensus Communis Interruptus (RP Log) 18 May 2015 Astor-Cross, Carey, Kainon, Kame-Tiik, Senka, Sharis, Tavin, Vozzexu
What Real Doctors Feel (RP Log) 17 May 2015 Carey, Kame-Tiik
Biomimetic Gel (RP Log) 04 June 2015 Carey, Kame-Tiik
Hearts (RP Log) 08 June 2015 Danek, Kame-Tiik, R'hli, Sharis
3,00 Light Year Tune-Up (RP Log) 09 June 2015 Kame-Tiik, Li
Ain't No Lounge Party Like a Lacrimosa Lounge Party (RP Log) 12 June 2015 Danek, Kame-Tiik, Kina, Li, Reid, Sharis
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