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Saffron Deirdre Kavanagh
Rank: Lieutenant (jg) Y-o2.png
Title: Captain's Yeoman, USS Defiant (NCC-90002)
Race: Terran
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Exploration Command)

Raised in a traditional Irish Catholic household, Saffron Kavanagh grew up in Derry Ireland (after Earth was Terra-formed) to Sean and Deirdre Kavanagh. Being an only child to blue collar parents, there was a great deal of emphasis for the girl to achieve much in her life. As a young girl, her parents scraped and saved to afford her the best education their humble lifestyles could afford. Music and dance lessons filled her free time as a young child and in her teenage years and into her teenaged years she was pushed towards academics. Saffron unfortunately was never one to pay heavy attention in her science or math classes, she fell slightly below her parent's expectations of an illustrious career path.

Despite her average performance in high school, Saffron was exceptionally charming, out going, friendly and had a keen sense for organization. This (as well as her pretty face) helped her to find herself in the white collar workforces working in various administrative roles. Her parents still wished for more to come of her than being a simple secretary's life. When she was 19, Saffron was encouraged by her family to apply for Starfleet Academy, to give her a chance to develop new skills and perhaps a second shot at a more useful life.

After much studying and dedication, she found herself accepted into Starfleet Academy in San Francisco studying administration, communications, organization and various other operations-related fields. The Academy gave her a newfound confidence in herself and her education. Her biggest struggles came from prioritizing study versus her very active social life. She was in nearly every social club that she could find and showed herself to be quite the social butterfly. Despite all of this, her Academy roommate managed to motivate her to study and do well in the Academy.

After graduating with honours, Ensign Saffron Kavanagh found herself stationed on Spacedock in 2403, where she took on the assignment of providing administrative assistance to the various higher ranking officers around the station. She served the primary role of being a Yeoman to the higher ranking officers and spent much of her free time playing the part of "Morale officer" aboard Spacedock, tending to the social and emotional needs of her peers. Soon enough, her enthusiasm, strong organization skills and dedication to her job landed her a promotion or so.

Service Record

  • Y-blank1.png 2399: Accepted into Starfleet Academy.
  • Y-o1.png 2403: Earned commission at the rank of Ensign (O-1).
  • Y-o1.png 2403: Assigned to Spacedock.
  • Y-o2.png 2405: Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2).
  • Y-o2.png 2406: Transfered to USS Defiant (NCC-90002) as Captain's Yeoman

Medals awarded


  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Tractor Beam Certification
  • Communications Certification
  • Transporter Certification
  • Scanner Certification
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