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Title: Slave
First Mate
Race: Mintakan
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Independents

Kelia, alias Ahkee, is the slave of Asarrus, and his right-hand woman.



The relatively short Vulcanoid woman stands with a petite build for her race. Her raven bangs are cut with straight edges, sloping with her pointed brow and partially over her thick eyebrow ridges of her heritage, but the length of her hair is behind her pointed ears, reaching straight to her mid-back, unclasped. Aside from her prominent brow, her features are mousey, almost out of place in comparison, but overall giving her an average appearance. Her tawny skin isn't free of flaws, as a scar is visible along her neck, a line of jagged flesh above her left collarbone.


It's been years and Kelia has no sense of time of what year or when she was born as it relates to Alliance standard time or stardates, but it is estimated she was born in 2396 in a village on Mintaka III. Born in a bronze age Vulcanoid civilization to a pair of non-technological folk whom Kelia couldn't remember the names of if you asked, she simply had no preparation when slavers kidnapped her on her way to gather wood for the evening's fire. She became a missing person on Mintaka III and no one knew any better than perhaps a wild beast having gotten to her, and with their limited knowledge, there was no way for them to know she could have ever left their native soil.

It is possible she was only nine years old at that time, a young age for any Vulcanoid race. But at the very least, she had no way to defend herself physically or mentally. Fearful of the technology that grabbed her, thinking it possibly the work of a divine but wrathful god, she did what she could to obey her captors lest she feel the wrath of such power. As such, she was impressionable to the slave training that followed, however vicious it came upon her. By the time she was roughly ten Alliance years old, seven months after her capture, she was sold to a young and enterprising Selay man named Asarrus.

Kelia was Asarrus' first slave. He was taking a risk on purchasing her over some of the other slaves by the nature of her race - she was likely easily to mold, like putty in his hands. But it was a bet he won as she quickly regarded him as a superior being, impressed by his technology, and enamored by his strange reptilian appearance. She was soon dedicated to serving him, doing menial tasks for any little bit of praise he might be able to offer her.

There were some hiccups that occurred along the way, however. Her incomprehension and general ignorance in technological issues when she started out left much training to be required in her initial service, learning basics like replicator use and environmental controls. She also took some time to adjust to when to step in to protect her owner and when to just let him handle it, her fierce protectiveness of the superior being often taking control. As a result, and a few gashes across her body from a trade that threatened to go sour, including one gash across her neck, she began to learn her limits. She was soon given combat training to better control her impulses and to make her a better combatant if required.

All her work paid off as the years went by. Work increased for the Selay's ship, more assets acquired and more slaves were purchased, Kelia was put to work as liaison for the slaves under his control. Being completely dedicated to her owner and her work, the Mintakan would initiate any new slaves coming in, assisting in acclimation, and taking and filtering concerns up to their owner. The ease of slave acclimation, partnered with her intense dedication, garnered her even more trust with her owner, and favored as she was, she was eventually named First Mate. This did not grant her freedom, however, only more responsibility, and she still bears the collar of the slave about her neck.


  • Asarrus - Full devotion to the Selay, thinking him almost as a higher power. It would be insanely difficult to make her believe anything different.
  • Kainon - Limited knowledge of the man, but saw him use his military power in a personal matter against a civilian, so is biased against him.
  • LeBlanc - Limited knowledge of the man, but after seeing him fall through another civilian's table and his actions after, she is somewhat biased against him.
  • M'rell - After seeing him in an altercation with Kainon, and catching him in the bar after, she sees almost a kindred spirit in the Caitian.
  • Reid - Limited knowledge of the man, but after the table incident in Morn's and some casual interaction after, she doesn't quite know what to think of him yet.
  • S'jun - Limited knowledge of the man, but after the table incident in Morn's, she feels he's quite abrasive for a Caitian.
  • Senka - He's very interested in Ahkee, and after a rather frustrating encounter, she's finally warming up to him again.
  • Sidian - A pleasant man that Ahkee enjoys speaking with when she runs across him.
  • Vrillak - Ahkee is not a fan of his tailoring after looking over his work, and his insistence she get fitted for a custom garment.
  • Williams - Limited knowledge of the woman, but she's quite intriguing after a strange interaction with her in the bar.

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
Once in a Lifetime, Perhaps (RP Log) 23 September 2014 Kelia, Senka, Sidian
Caits and Captains (RP Log) 01 October 2014 Kainon, Kelia, M'rell, Reid, R'sta, Senka
Crash Landing (RP Log) 02 October 2014 Kelia, LeBlanc, M'rell, Reid, Riley, S'jun, Senka
How You Military Folks DO Behave! (RP Log) 02 October 2014 Kelia, M'rell, Senka
Mended Fences (RP Log) 03 October 2014 Kelia, Senka
The Business of Information (RP Log) 04 October 2014 Kelia, M'rell, Reid, Senka, Williams
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