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Tegan Kell
Rank: Ensign 2410 SF O-1.png
Title: Science Officer, USS Laibok
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet


In the aftermath of the Borg War and the subsequent conflicts that plagued the mid-to-late 24th century, some happiness was brought to Ren and Lisha Kell of Betazed during a period of time in which all news seemed to be bad news. After six years of marriage and Hal's borderline infertility, the conception of a child had never occurred to me. More than anything, Ren and Lisha desperately wanted to have children. Fortunately, a new medical procedure was able to help the couple conceive their first son and only child, Tegan Kell.

Generally, just as a child becomes sexually mature during puberty, the Betazoid senses also develop around the same time. Unfortunately, likely as a result of the medical procedure used to increase fertility, Tegan was born with his Betazoid senses in development. By the age of five, his senses had reached nearly full development. Unlike many children who are born with their senses on, his gradual development did not cause mental problems; rather, it allowed him to slowly become accustomed to the benefits and negative aspects of being Betazoid. By the time he was ten years old, he was seeing a specialist who had helped him develop his mental capabilities and self-control.

Ren, Kell's father, was an instructor with a doctorate in psychology at the University of Betazed. Additionally, although she had formal training in the liberal arts as the daughter of some nobility, his mother, Lisha, was exceptionally gifted with culinary arts and botany. This interest in the sciences became impressed upon Kell who placed in science fairs for the last six years of his time in grade school and secondary school on Betazed. Kell was also good with botany, but only because his mother had spent so much time with him as a child; unlike her, he did not have a passion for it. Kell's real interest was in leaving Betazed to explore the wonders (and terrors) of the galaxy.

Despite his desire to step into space, the galaxy had known war throughout his entire childhood. With stories of the loss of his grandparents, his parents' friends, and his friends' loved ones during the Borg, Breen, and Civil War, Kell was quick to find his purpose. He made application for Starfleet Academy before he had matriculated from secondary school on Betazed. The young Betazed man was accepted, and he pursued his studies in the fields of astrophysics and stellar cartography. Even though he was to be commissioned a science officer, he had every intention of doing his part to maintain the peace that had been had nearly a century before.

Kell pursued his studies at the Academy in astrophysics and stellar cartography, and he graduated with an honors degree in the sciences in the spring of 2429.

Many feel that Kell is a level-headed young man; many of his friends also feel that he should've pursued a career in counseling, because he has a knack for listening and offering objective advice. Despite these strong points, he has a lot to learn about what life is really like in space in service to Starfleet, but he is determined to approach each new challenge with resolve.

Service History

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