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Kero Sene

Rank Commander
Title Chief of Operations, Starbase Chandali
Race Bajoran
Gender Male
Affiliation Bajoran Navy

Kero Sene was born to a bajoran family on the planet of Bajor, Dakhur province. He was one of many born to the family, the "middle child". His family was apart of a civilian trade and cargo handling company, named Ashar Cargo Company. His father, Trilon Sene was one of their pilots, while his mother cerion Sene was one of their planetary office managers. Given that both of his parents worked, him and his siblings were well taken care of. Growing up, Kero was with his father sometimes when he took cargo missions, or other company business trips that required a pilot, also his brother went along as well. Kero's siblings consisted of 1 brother and 1 sister. His brother grew up to become an indipendant merchant, and his sister a certified medical doctor.

Growing up, Kero proved to be a sort of child that wanted to get his hands into anything, he always wanted to discover something new, always learn of the world around him. Kero would even sit up some nights while growing up, looking at the stars, wondering what was out there. Kero was a good learner, growing up, but he wasn't considered a super smart child or something like that, mostly someone with a bit above average intelligence. When his father started allowing Kero to go on trips with him, Kero would look forward to each one, as it gave him a chance to experience space, and meet different races and such. His father would even atempt to teach Kero to fly a ship and do other things shipboard, which Kero also took an interest in. Reaching his highschool years, and when learning about possible career choices, Kero decided he wanted to take a military path in life.

Kero signed up for the military academy apon graduating from high school, though at the time it was under starfleet control, he trained under their rules. Kero still had an interest in flying, but didn't want that to be his main choice for a career in the fleet. So he decided he would train to become a security officer, taking lessons on the side to become a certified pilot, that would fly if really needed. During his years at the academy, Kero took to his lessons, proving to have a nack for investigation procedures and a sharp eye with a weapon. Kero wasn't the best at hand to hand combat though, but he was able to at least hold his own, learning enough to make it useful for him to be able to survive should he get into a situation that required it. He got along wel with his classmates for the most part over the years, though he has trouble with some, like anyone usually did, he was never considered to be the popular one. Sense the sesession came not too long after his graduation from the military academy, Kero decided he would stay on Bajor, remain a Bajoran citizen, and hope to get assigned to one of their starships in the new forming fleet.

Kero has never been one to give trust easily, he always believed in urning that trust. He has tried to be a good person, trying to help those in need, and always tried to do the right thing. Kero also believes that one should show and give respect, should they wish to receive it. He looks forward to his new career, and plans to put all his abilities to seeing that it grows and prospers.


Medals Awards/Citations
  • Letter of Distinction
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