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RSE.pngKhakh'sahe i'Ramnau t'Llaehnn
Species: Romulan
Birthplace: Ramnau, ch'Rihan
Age: 47
Faction: RSE
Organization: Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi
Rank: hru'Kiith


Early Years

Khakh'sahe, born of s'Llaehnn in Ramnau on ch'Rihan daughter of Enriov Aehkhifv i'Ramnau e-Kheriov tr'Llaehnn and khre'Llairhi Mnheia i'Mhiessan tr'Llaehnn. Khakh'sahe's parents were both reputable members of the Riahnnsu Stelam Empire, her father a high ranking member of the Galae and her mother a renowned Kiitha. She was the sole child of her family. Khakh'sahe spent most of her childhood living amongst her Hfihar in the care of the hru'hfirh, Dhivael i-Ra'tleihfi t'Llaehnn who guided her in the ways of Diplomacy and Hfihar politics. Khakh'sahe was given the Hfihar title of paenhe as her hru'hfirh took more to her.

Personal Life

As a deeply spiritual Rihanna, Khakh'sahe spent several years studying at the Temple on ch'Rihan as her earliest aspirations in life was to be a Priestess of the Ihhuein shrine the element of which is closely associated with her life. These aspirations of being a Priestess changed eventually due to pressures from her ri'nanov to continue a career in the Kiith much like herself. Though the religious teachings of Ihhuein never really left her, it was the element that chose her at youth and dominants much of her personality and social interactions.

Empire Career

While in the the Phi'lasasam, Khakh'sahe excelled in political science and like her mother diplomacy. The Borg wars and watching the rise of her Hfirhar inspired her finally to become a Kiitha. During the early days of the Galaxy Alliance, while the Rihannsu Stelam Empire was still affiliated with it, Khakh'sahe's mother served to maintain relations between Galae officers serving aboard Starfleet vessels, often times getting in between feuds and discrimination issues between her kin and others. Though sadly, her efforts were for nought as tensions between Klingon and Rihannsu officers seemed to reach a boiling point aboard the USS Ael. Her orders was to pull back to Empire space immediately.

Political tensions were rising within the Empire and s'Llaehnn's approval of an upcoming elections for Mandukar'us to be within the Senate were upon them. It was during these political times that a young Khakh'sahe was assigned attache to her hru'hfirh to assist as an advisor and marked her youthful entrance into the Kiitha under the careful watch and direct management of her mother. The Rihannsu Stelam Empire was in a scene of political change as distrust and natural xenophobia were taking grasp again within the hearts of the Rihannsu citizens.

With the loss of the Aehallh, all Areinnye broke loose. Khakh'sahe took this opportunity to launch a drastic anti-Alliance campaign within the Empire. Between the whispers of her Hfifhar and her family success was finally had as the Rihannsu borders finally closed on Dec. 3, 2374. s'Llaehnn launched several propaganda campaigns claiming primary responsibility for the decision for this move. With the campaign successful, Khakh'sahe's mother starts the plan to groom her daughter into the hru'Kiith position she held.

Over a decade of grooming, political enterprising and backstabbing would occur before Khakh'sahe eventually wins the title of hru'Kiith that her mother had formerly possessed. It was after tr'Aegis assumes the role of Praetor when her mother officially announces to the Senate her desires to retire and put up official nomination for her daughter to succeed her as hru'Kiith.

With the musings of war against the Alliance, and Khakh'sahe's familys' former anti-Alliance campaign, very little was said against her in the seat, and that is where she has stayed since serving as the figurehead and leader of the Kiitha.

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