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Kilolin Haato
Affiliation: Bajoran Religious Order - Democratic Republic of Bajor
Title: Prylar Race: Bajoran
Gender: Male
Style: Prylar or Father



Born on Bajor on September 15th 2399, Kilolin Haato was the son of a great trading family. He however fell quite far from the tree. Even as a child he was unable follow the lessons and the teachings of his father so desperately wanted to instill him in. He spent his youth reading about the prophet's words and the feeling of wonder that faith had brought him. Orsahl, his father was deeply affected by the thought of his only son rejecting the traders' life and from his perspective, destroying his legacy. Elodi, Haato's mother fully embraced the idea of her son taking of joining the order, she much more religious than his father. This created strife in the family, one that impacted them greatly enough to end in the divorce of Kilo's parents and his eventual disappearance into the order perhaps to escape the damage he believed he had done to his family.

Monk life treated Kilo well, the long hours of study and access to sacred texts that inspired and gave the holy fire to give sermons that changed the hearts and minds of those who heard them. Kilolin loved to give those sermons and loved more pulling apart the more successful sermons to try to figure out exactly what it was that moved so many people so; partly in hopes of improving his own sermons. After years within the order Kilolin couldn't resist the urge to dig into the psyche of himself and those around him, hearing other stories of brothers and sisters joining in order to find peace within faith. This perspective confused him greatly as when he went into the order his life was suddenly thrown into chaos.

He left Bajor to study psychology and sociology off planet, within a university on Betazed. He believe this would give him valuable insight into how his beliefs were shaped and also how others who never knew his faith were able to live. He believed the Betazoids were able to sense emotions and understood them better than anyone else in the universe. He would begin to understand how perspectives and lives could be so different as to give such drastic differences in the stories of those who arrived and found peace with the fellows of the orders. To him, this just didn't make sense for all the paths to lead to the same place, yet to have such drastic differences on each life. As he completed his studies he had hoped to be able to write a paper on what he believe the experience would have revealed. Unfortunately, as in all things in life, this merely raised more questions instead of answering them. Shortly after finishing he returned home to Bajor, changed.

Where once the life of a monk served him, giving him both peace and assurance of his life's purpose, his pursuit into the science of the mind left him unsure of what it all meant. He asked the embassy to send him out to find a place where he could do some good in the universe with the knowledge he had and perhaps find peace within himself by growing peace within the lives of others. Within this he believe he could find the spark of what the Prophets gave him all those years ago that brought him into the order in the first place.

Common Knowledge

  • Haato belongs to a very strict and Orthodox order within the Vedek Assembly.
  • Haato enjoys gardening and tea, often trying new blends and explaining the various health benefits of tea.
  • Haato is incredibly quick and deft. His order trains their priests to master their bodies as well as their minds.
  • Haato gives sermons of the fire and brimstone verity, he uses famous quotes throughout history in order to hammer in his points.


Haato gives a sermon every chance he can while he is on Deep Space 9. He believes that this is the important part of being a Prylar, allowing him to change the hearts and the minds of those who attend and Prophet's willing, save someone from a life of darkness and hate. His sermons recaps can be replayed within a special program he makes available within the Chapel. (See *ds9a for his recaps)

Personal History

  • 111284.97 - Assigned to the USS Pathfinder (NCC-91890) under special commission
  • ?????.?? - Experiences what he believes to be an Orb Experience but was actually a Pagh'tem'far on Deep Space 9.
  • 112666.08 - The USS Pathfinder (NCC-91890) is destroyed with few of its crew lost due to preparations made by its crew and warning heeded from the Prophets.


Log Date Participants
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Command Comes to Call (RP Log) 22 October 2015 Edwards, La'Vash, Senka, Tanas, Kilolin, Starr, T'Kela
Prophecies or Nightmares? (RP Log) 15 November 2015 Kilolin,Roana,Sarish
The Death of Peace (RP Log) 12 October 2015 Covell, Davies, Riley, Seryl, Campbell, Kilolin, Senka, Temple
He Has Issues (RP Log) 6 November 2015 Kilolin, Davies, Senka
The Betazed Talk (RP Log) 13 November 2015 Kilolin, Spiere
Something Less Than the Whole Truth (RP Log) 16 November 2015 Kilolin, Senka
Foreboding and Faith (RP Log) 19 November 2015 Kilolin, Covell
Diplomacy 101 (RP Log) 6 December 2015 Seryl, Senka
More of the Truth (RP Log) 7 December 2015 Kilolin, Senka
Faith Has Its Costs (RP Log) 9 December 2015 Davies, Kilolin
The Truth Shall Set You Free (RP Log) 11 December 2015 Kilolin, Senka, Davies
Prophesy to Us (RP Log) 12 December 2015 Kilolin, Senka, Davies
What to Do With the Truth (RP Log) 15 December 2015 Connor, Davies, Senka, Temple, Covell, Saylur, Seryl
Roana and Kilolin (RP Log) 21 December 2015 Kilolin, Roana
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