Kingdom of Eden

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Kingdom of Eden can also refer to the whole of Ambrosia Incorporated.

Kingdom of Eden (v1).png
Class: Class III Station, Stellar Dynamics Refit
Owner: Ambrosia Incorporated
System: Beerax
Function: Beeraxi System Trade Hub
Civilian Docking Facilitiy
Vacation Resort and Amusement Park

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The Kingdom of Eden is a Starbase in orbit of Beerax IX, in high orbit on the opposite side of the Starfleet Outpost Station Alcatraz. The station serves as the headquarters of Ambrosia Incorporated as well as the primary public docking facilities for the planet Beerax and central trade location for the planet. The station is decorated as though it were an ancient Terran castle town, with amusements and resort attractions including a roller coaster that extends out into space.

Station's History

Kingdom of Eden started its life as Mirobia Station. When the former Discovery Enterprises station was being moved from its position into Beerax orbit, the station took heavy damage by the unlicensed tow operator. The station was then utilized for parts by Stellar Dynamics Shipyards to construct a new station to serve the citizens and visitors of Beerax.

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