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Title: Businessman Extraordinaire
Race: Ferengi
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance
Actor: Armin Shimerman


Standing at a near five feet tall, this Ferengi's lobes are often the first thing one notices about him. In fact, if you were to ask him, he would be sure to tell you they are larger than most others of his species. His sky blue eyes, close set to either side of his large flat wrinkled nose, are almost mesmerizing and clearly invoke trust. Well that is what his mother always told him, in reality this Ferengi is beady-eyed. As he smiles, which is the norm, his jagged teeth are clearly visible. His skin is the typical orange-brown of his race, and similarily he has the typical large skull of a Ferengi.


Krem shakes his head, still dizzy from that last volley, he might even have lost consciousness. He glances over his shoulder, and smiles, "Yes", he utters to himself, "Profit here we come!". Sitting behind him is his treasure, a large assortment of Bajoran artifacts which he recently traded for down on the planet. It was unfortunate however that the other party bidding on them felt the need to chase after him, nearly killing him in the process. It wasn't his fault they didn't know Rule of Acquisition #16; a deal is a deal. He looks out the viewscreen, the planet is still below, but no more weapons fire... Double checking the instruments however reveals something to be wrong. "Where are the ships that were chasing me?", he says aloud, but no response. He gives the console a kick, that usually doing the trick, "Computer, where are the ships that were firing at us?", he asks. Only a garbled voice can be heard at first, so he kicks the console again, "No ships are currently on sensors.", it finally replies. "Huh, must have blown them out of the sky", he smiles, his ego getting the better of him. He touches a few of the controls in front of him attempting to get home but, the engines are offline.

"Frinx, just my luck. I bet I will lose all my profit fixing this skritzing ship!", he kicks at the console again, to no avail. Krem doesn't usually travel this far from Ferenginar for business, but this was an opportunity his lobes wouldn't let him pass up. A private group of slightly less-than-honorable individuals had discovered a treasure trove of Bajoran artifacts at a dig in one of the southern provinces. Not wanting to deal directly with the Bajoran government, and still unsure of the value of their find, they unwisely sought out a Ferengi to assist. Krem just so happened to intercept that call and came to the rescue. Initially unbeknownst to the private group, their find was actually from two different eras, however, they only carbon dated a handful of the artifacts which suggested it all to be about a few hundred years old. Krem, following the 74th Rule of Acquisition, 'Knowledge equals profit', personally carbon dated all the pieces. Much to his delight, a few of the pieces were actually over eighteen millenia old, dating back to the ancient Bajoran times like that of the great city of B'hala. He bartered a deal with the private group to buy all the artifacts, and while the price was fair based on what they knew of them, it certainly wasn't given the value of some of the ancient pieces. It took all of Krem's fortune to buy them all however, so if this venture failed he might have to go back to work for his Uncle Rawnk again as crew on his ship. Something he was loathe to do having had the taste of profit being in business for himself.

As the ship drifts he remembers some of his earlier escapades, none of which ever quite succeeding as planned. He always followed the Rules of Acquisition too, well except when a strong-minded woman was concerned, they were always his downfall. He blames his mother Lumba for that, she was always king in their house, even before Krem was born back in late 2390, what moogie said went. Something his father Pev never let be known outside those four walls, of course. Luckily, that was fine with moogie too, provided everyone always did what she said, that included Krem's younger brother Tog too.

Krem begins to smile however, he looks over his shoulder again, "Profit!", he lets out a little maniacal laugh, his voice high and shrill. "I need to play this right though, and I will certainly get more profit from selling these near Bajor than anywhere else, so perhaps it is fortuitous that the ship broke down here.", his smile grows even bigger, "And those ancient relics must be worth a fortune in gold-press latinum!". While the trade was legal, well legal by Ferengi terms, there were obviously some complications, Krem can only hope he can manage some leeway to sell his wares, and of course make a sizable profit.

"New sensor contact.", the computer reports. He looks down at the console, then to the viewscreen. A large round space station with six curved pillars sticking out of it, three on the top and three on the bottom, slowly comes into view...

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
Hooman - First Encounter (RP Log) October 17 2014 Carey, Krem
Meeting and Greeting (RP Log) October 18 2014 Carey, Garett, Krem, Reid
First Counseling Session (RP Log) January 14 2015 Krem, Mirik
Risan Volleyball (RP Log) January 23, 2015 Kincaid, Krem, Mirik, R'sta, Taxo, Tayla, Temple, York
Heart of Latinum, Heart of Gold (RP Log) January 28, 2015 Krem, Mirik, Temple
Confusing Confessions (RP Log) January 30, 2015 Krem, Mirik
Tayla's Bikini (RP Log) January 31, 2015 Krem, Tayla
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