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Rank: Q
Responsibilities: Starfleet Royal
Guides Administrator
Gender: Female
Affiliation: OOC Game Administration (The Q Continuum)

Q L'Engle is named for Madeleine L'Engle, an author of young adult science-fiction. She initially started her service as Royal Q Taylor in November 2002. She is currently the primary contact for the Guides team.

There have been a few secret In-Character sightings of Q Taylor / Q L'Engle in the WNO universe.

Best of QOOC

Q Taylor has disapproved your biography. Reasons are stated below:
Based on the fact that your character is dead, your bio is being disapproved. I apologize for the inconvenience.
[***] Taylor iz in ur channelz, spying ur freekquenciez.
[Public] Taylor: MEAT NOOKIE!
Taylor says, "Ruao, you have my skull, but give me back my brain cell."
[XXX] L'Engle: o/` Go go Power Admin! Go go Power Admin, you Mighty Rihannsu Power Admin!
[???] L'Engle: Touch my beans. Touch them!
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