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Trent L'vralus
Title: Chancellor of the Galaxy Alliance (2397-2403)
Race: El-Aurian
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance

Galactic Red Cross
Title: Founder, Director (2386-2390)

Ministry of Health and Medicine
Title: Minister of Health and Medicine of the Galaxy Alliance (2390-2395)

Beerax IX
Title: Governor (2395-2397)

Trent L'vralus, MD is a physician, psychiatrist, Founding Director of the Galactic Red Cross, former Chancellor of the Galaxy Alliance, and former governor of Beerax IX.


Born on El-Auria only decades before the Borg attacked it, Trent L'vralus (which, by the way, is not his original name) was born to a couple who travelled the beta quadrant, listening to stories told by locals and documenting them for a living. Trent enjoyed watching his parents work, particularly enjoying listening to professional listeners at work. After a particularly long travel around 2254, Trent's parents decided to wait about fifteen to twenty years before travelling, and to live off of savings for a while. Shortly after their return, they had a daughter named Seh'iria. Tragically, though, the Borg invaded El-Auria and destroyed it. Trent was forced to flee alone, travelling with some other El-Aurian refugees to Earth. He has not heard from his parents or his sister since, and they are presumed dead.

Trent finished his final days before adulthood living with an older female El-Aurian who posed as Francessa Clarreneaux, a philanthropic medical doctor who assisted the poor. He learned a good deal of amateur medicinal skills from her while assisting her endeavors. He soon left, however, when he reached the age El-Aurian adulthood, deciding to pursue a career in psychology.

He spent two or three years travelling around looking at psychology schools, living off of inheritance from his deceased parents, as well as a small ammount of money Francessa had given him. During this time, he had a year-long fling with a half-Vulcan scientist named Saranis. Trent was going to study psychology at Stanford University and then go on to attend Starfleet Academy for further medical skills, but Saranis framed him for the sale of the scanner technology her research group was developing, so he had to leave, change his name again, and find somewhere to study psychology far away from California.

At the age of 105, Trent (who had recently created the new name of William von Laierburg) attended the Adolph van Weilerman School of Psychology, where he earned a bachelor's degree after three full-time years of study, and left immediately afterwards. Trent spent the next few decades entirely on Earth, posing as various psychologists. Every five to fifteen years or so, he would move away to another country and change his name. He did this so that no one would ever suspect he was anything but human. Some of his names included Andrew Dregvon, Timothy Rodgers, Pierre Dearveaux, and finally Trent L'vralus.

After he had managed to help a surgeon visiting Earth recover from her nervous breakdown with his highly effective treatment mostly of listening and asking sometimes annoying rhetorical questions while going under the name of Trent L'vralus, he soon recieved an offer to work as a psychologist at the renowned Central Hospital. It was a lucky thing that he left Earth, too, for the Earth was soon taken over by the Borg.

During his time at Central Hospital, he accumulated a good deal of money from his work there before resigning from his position there when he became restless and felt an inner yearning to listen to more people and travel like the rest of his race. He decided the best way to do this would be to work either on a travelling ship, or on a major station, which would bring in many exciting new people to "listen" to all the time.

To prepare himself for travelling and finding a good job to allow him to listen and travel, though, he used his influence at the hospital to land himself a job as a librarian in the main medical library, which also had a broad range of books ranging from Linguistics to Engineering. He has since bided his time studying many fields to widen his horizons and possibilities, finally quitting his position as librarian to study General Medicine briefly for a few years at the Central Hospital Medical School. Upon graduation, he was also awarded an honorary doctorate in psychology for his many years spent in that profession. L'vralus was finally ready to travel the galaxy... to explore and listen.

L'vralus was soon hired by the Royal Court of Eden to be a counsellor, and not too long afterwards, he was hired to be Chief Medical Officer of Mirobia Station. While at Mirobia Station and Eden Post, the civil war in Starfleet broke out, leading L'vralus to found the Galactic Red Cross. Within a few months, the Galactic Red Cross was a reality. There were several chapter offices on various Galaxy Alliance planets, as well as a small emergency response medical fleet. Also at this point, L'vralus began studying for another medical degree. To fulfill part of the requirements, L'vralus began instructing a Klingon medical student named na'Hal.

Then, in late 2387, a Loyalist Starfleet incident at Mirobia resulted in the crippling of the Galactic Red Cross fleet, even though the Red Cross was simply a bystander. L'vralus was beamed away safely along with the other people aboard Mirobia Station at the time and brought to the primary vessel of the Rikon Defense Force, the CCV Megalord. With no other work safely available at the moment, L'vralus accepted a job as Chief Medical Officer for Rikon Defense Force.

In the coming months, na'Hal soon joined him, and L'vralus was able to continue work on his second medical degree. About two and a half years later, the civil war in Starfleet had ended, and L'vralus had long finished training na'Hal. It was at this point that L'vralus left Rikon and was appointed Minister of Health and Medicine of the Galaxy Alliance shortly afterwards by Chancellor Sanuk. In his new position, L'vralus worked hard at improving galactic healthcare. During his time as Minister, his largest project was curing and clearing the plague from Beerax IX.

L'vralus won the governorship of Beerax IX as a write-in candidate in the re-established colony's first election. He resigned his position as Minister to accept the governorship. While governor, the planet's population has increased tenfold and the economy even moreso.

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