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Zye La'Vash
Rank: 2410 SF O-4.png
Lieutenant Commander
Title: Starfleet Reserve Officer (Commanding Officer)
USS Equinox (NCC-73020)
Race: Selay
Birthdate: Stardate 94569.26
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)
Spouse: None



On Stardate 94569.26, Zye La'Vash was hatched on her home world of Selay. She was the loan survivor of her parents' clutch, instinctively having either killed her clutchmates, or destroyed the remaining eggs before they could hatch. In doing so, she earned her rightful place as the worthy offspring of her parents, Vress and Mechevi, who never again attempted to have more offspring. Her upbringing was typical of a hatchling of her family's class and standing, and she completed her primary and secondary education with reasonably high marks, displaying a superior aptitude in both athletics and the physical sciences. She won awards of excellence for her school science projects, all of which were centered around the design and construction of some device or another, and trophies for endurance pursuits such as long distance running, swimming, and climbing. At the age of 17, she traversed the Great Salt Cliffs over the Lava Fields of Veklicus, a grueling three day climb, carrying out her part in a family tradition that demonstrated her passage into adulthood. During her advanced education, her interests focused mostly on starship design and operation, which resulted in her acquisition of degrees in engineering and naval architecture.

After her advanced education was complete, La'Vash was appointed to the Selay Merchant Marines, where she served as an engineer aboard various cargo vessels. She performed her duties well in this position, but found the constant ferrying of freight tedious and unchallenging. Simple engine maintenance under rarely changing circumstances wasn't quite enough to keep her technical interests satisfied. She longed for more difficult assignments, and constantly worried that her work was sinking into obscure and meaningless monotony. She repeatedly requested transfers between ships, searching for an assignment that would allow her to use her skills more extensively, but found nothing.

Deciding that a change of occupation was in order, La'Vash wrote one letter to the Merchant Marines requesting dismissal, and another to Selay's leading starship construction facility inquiring after any positions available for which she qualified. Before she could transmit them, however, her ship became involved in an emergency situation that presented her with much more of a challenge than she had come to expect. A distress call was received from another merchant ship which had suffered a navigational failure. The message described the nature of their trouble, as well as their position, speed, and heading. La'Vash's ship arrived on the scene to render assistance, only to find that the other vessel had strayed deep into an asteroid field, then crashed. The crew suffered only minor injuries, but their ship was heavily damaged, and life support systems were failing fast. To enter the field in a rescue attempt was to risk crashing themselves, but not to try was to condemn the other crew to their deaths. La'Vash's ship was too fragile to make the attempt safely, but no other ships could arrive before the life support failed. Her captain decided to take the risk. With very little time, La'Vash and the other engineers had to come up with new and creative ways of increasing structural integrity, deflector strength, and sensor efficiency, all on the fly. Although her ship did take significant damage, the rescue mission was ultimately successful.

When this crisis was over, La'Vash came to a realization. The satisfaction she got from working on that rescue mission was far more fulfilling and rewarding than working at Selay's shipyards could ever be. She transmitted the letter to the Merchant Marines requesting dismissal, and discarded the one to the shipyards. Instead, she composed a third letter, applying for entry into StarFleet Academy. She included her education credentials and civilian service record, and was mildly surprised when she received a letter of acceptance in return. She left Selay with excitement and apprihention warring with each other for control of her emotions.

Living among and working with so many different races at the academy proved to be a challenge all of its own. Although Zye La'Vash usually got along well enough with the majority of the instructors and other StarFleet Cadets she encountered, she discovered after a time that she had a reputation among them of being cold, abrupt, controlling, and overly ambitious. She was not terribly concerned about this, as she saw these traits as being both necessary for those who strove for success, as well as being quite common among the Selay. However, several unfortunate conflicts with her fellow Cadets which required some mediation compelled La'Vash to make an effort to understand how the importance of these traits differed to others. What she discovered was that many races consider individuals with such traits to be unpleasant and uncomfortable to work with. She didn't understand this, exactly, but with the help of a Counselor, La'Vash learned how to interact with her classmates in a more socially acceptable manner without compromising her own sense of proper professional conduct. Her reputation did not disappear, but those around her did eventually seem more at ease, and she even succeeded in making a couple of friends.

Another challenge that La'Vash discovered was learning the advanced methods of engineering used by StarFleet. The technology of the Selay fleet was considerably outdated by StarFleet standards, and Zye struggled to comprehend many of the methods employed in systems that she expected would be quite similar to what she was used to, but actually were not. She found transporter technology with all of its redundant subsystems especially cumbersome, as well as replicators and inertial dampening systems. She began to fall behind in some of her classes, and she was in danger of flunking out. Unfortunately, her unfriendly reputation, deserved or not, impeded her efforts to secure additional individual instruction, until she discovered an excellent Vulcan tutor who was far less effected by her apparently abrasive nature. He was able to help her understand some fundamental concepts that had previously eluded her. Once she grasped these concepts, the understanding of the more advanced processes that were based on them was unlocked, and she was able to recover her grades enough to pass. She enrolled in some extra classes to help make up for her previous struggles, and by the time she graduated, she had raised her scores enough to rank in the top 12 percent of her class. She put in for an engineering assignment, and when the orders came, she set out to assume her new post with as much anticipation and determination to succeed as she had ever done before.

Service Record


Medal-of-valor.png Golden-starburst.png Defense-meritorious-service-medal.png
Meritorious-service-medal-2x.png Space-medal.png Combat-action-ribbon-3x.png
link=Chancellor%27s Unit Citation Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon-2x.png Good-conduct-medal.png


  • Engineering Repair Certification
  • Engineering System Certification
  • Letter of Commendation (*)
  • Restricted Line Officer

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