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Tor Landi
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance
Ambrosia Incorporated
Occupation: Engineer
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Male

The Kingdom of Eden
Rank: Knight
Style: Sir
Title: Staff Engineer
Function: Staff Engineer, Ambrosia Inc.
Staff Engineer, Scientia Division

Tor Landi the current Minister of Commerce and Transportation of the Galaxy Alliance.


Tor Landi was born on February 12, 2366 in the Hedrikspool Province on Bajor as the only child of Tor Oram and Tor Meru. His parents worked as civilians on Terok Nor, the station above Bajor: His mother Meru worked in the Assay Office, and his father Oram served as cargo-master. Like many Bajorans working on the station, his parents preferred to live on Bajor and to use a shuttle connection to get to Terok Nor for their shifts.

Since the Cardassian occupation had just been ended through the formation of the Galaxy Alliance, Landi's childhood was more influenced by the raging Borg war. Still, the Bajoran people didn't forget the occupation, and it would be decades until such a thing as forgiveness would even be considered. Many people think that there is some unfinished business with the Cardassians, as the despicable crimes committed during the decades of the occupation and the criminals responsible for them were never dealt with properly. Of course most Bajorans agreed that unity was the only way to survive the Borg war, and that the Cardassians, too, should bleed for the common good, but it never felt right to them that the Bajoran people had been wronged and that there was no recourse, no retribution.

During his parents shifts, Landi would usually stay with his grandparents who operate a large kava farm, which explains the fondness he developed for that plant. That is why he was at his grandparents' house on that fateful Stardate 49652.15, just two and a half months after his fifth birthday, when the Borg destroyed Terok Nor and the three Starfleet ships that tried to defend it and the planet. The bright lights in the night sky were not fireworks, that much he knew even at that tender age when his grandparents sought shelter from the Borg who were threatening to overtake Bajor. It would be only a few days later that Landi learned that his parents, who had been aboard Terok Nor, had been killed in their escape pod as it crashed into a large piece of wreckage from one of the three ships. Now an orphan, Landi was raised by his grandparents.

With the help of the Galaxy Alliance and the disaster recovery and reconstruction services provided, the damage Bajor sustained during the attack on Terok Nor was being repaired, even though it would take almost five years until there was a new station guarding Bajor and the flow of spaceborne commerce. Even as a child Landi realized that history put his people to the test, that they would have to endure terrible losses but that they as a people, would prevail in the end, 'bloodied but unbowed', as the ancient Terran poet William Ernest Henley had put it some five hundred years ago in his poem 'Invictus'. Another effect is that he grew up to be quite the tinkerer, being forced to improvise a lot in order to deal with the relative insufficiency of raw materials and tools.

Landi was twelve years old when the gravimetric anomaly usually referred to as a 'wormhole' had been detected near Bajor. For him, it was a moment of awakening that nurtured his beliefs. He does not know if the wormhole is the home of the prophets as some people say, but he knew how exceedingly rare wormholes are, let alone stable ones. It clearly had to be the Prophets working, a proof of their love that would have one terminus lead into the Bajoran system and not the myriad other systems in the Alliance. Had he been a little older at this point, he would almost certainly have sought an induction to the Bajoran Religious Order. But being too young for such a drastic step, informal schooling at a temple had to do.

In the early 2380s, Bajoran militia forces increased and there had been rumors of a possible secession from the Galaxy Alliance. Even though he was as rebellious a teenager as others, Landi couldn't really understand this desire to secede from the Alliance. He felt that while one should always remain skeptical about organizations like the Alliance, in the end the membership helped Bajor a lot. Sharing the burden of defending and rebuilding Bajor seemed a lot easier to him than the prospect of dealing with the challenges on their own.

February 26th, 2381 (Stardate 59163.45) has been another fateful day in Landi's life. He had been attending the formal presentation of one of the Orbs of the Prophets when the Breen attacked Bajor. Rather than having the orb experience he had been yearning for (perhaps a bit naively) he found his life in peril and only barely managed to escape. To this day he remembers the panic, the heat of the fire around him, the sensation of rifting through debris with his bare hands in an attempt to rescue his grandfather. He failed, and his grandfather was one of the one million Bajorans who perished that day. It took Landi years to deal with the shock he experienced when an event that was supposed to be a spiritual experience turned out to be so horrible, testing the resolve of the Bajoran people once more.

Still, Landi managed and picked up studies in Engineering and Economics at the university in the Musilla Province. It had been his grandmother who insisted that Landi should take courses in economics, since in her mind Landi is cut out to be more than just a tinkerer. Landi enjoyed his studies and proved to be an excellent student. In the year 2390 he did several trips into Bajor's orbit with a sub-light craft to watch the construction of Deep Space Nine as part of his studies. Although he found the idea of using Cardassian designs disturbing, he found the experience of seeing so many parts come together to form such a big installation incredibly pleasing. For his degree he penned a thesis in which he sought to combine engineering and economics when he extrapolated the economic effects of an installation like Deep Space Nine based on data gathered from the time Terok Nor and Starbase 902 orbited Bajor. He compared the enormous costs of building such a starbase with the economic stimuli provided by the production process and the effects of spaceborne commerce once the construction is completed. Although it would be a few years until he could actually meet the new Kai, he welcomed the election of Lishan Noryl by the Vedek Assembly, feeling that having a Kai again would provide a sense of strength and unity to his people.

After his graduation in early 2391, Landi opted for the motto 'Got Tools, Will Travel', spending the next five years working in all parts of the Alliance, serving as engineer on ships as well as on starbases, where he logged hundreds of hours in workbees. He even helped construct a number of planetary manufacturing plants. In 2395 he was hired by Ambrosia Inc. to serve as Staff Engineer aboard Mirobia Station and the CCV Scientia II. He was introduced to Doctor Venise Jillian at a reception she held on her ship on New Year's Eve. The Doctor helped him a few months later when he acquired a few assets from the recently liquidated CTE in order to start his own little trading enterprise, which he dubbed Holana Logistics Services, after the beautiful Holana River that runs through the Musilla Province. Using the SS Olympus, a superfreighter, he did long-distance high-volume trading so he could make enough money to pay for the ship and make a living. In 2396 he finally met the Kai on Deep Space Nine, where Doctor Venise introduced him. Landi had heard of an alleged attempt on the Kai's life and was relieved to find the Kai in good health and high spirits. This opportunity was used by Landi to make a sizable donation to the Bajoran temple, hoping it would help the Kai to seek additional security measures and further the cause of the Bajoran people by helping those that were still affected by the attacks of the Borg and the Breen.

Now, as he likes to quip, he is trying to move away from 'unclogging sonic showers' to something greater, having ambitions beyond being an engineer.

Personal History

See his blog[1].

  • 2395 - Hired by Ambrosia Incorporated.
  • 2396 - Acquired several ships from the recently liquidated CTE
  • 2396 - Established Holana Logistics Services
  • 2396 - Supported Kai Lishan Noryl in his bid for the office of Chancellor of the GA
  • 2396 - Appointed Minister of Commerce and Transportation by Chancellor Trent L'vralus
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