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D. Verner Langdon
Rank: Lieutenant Y-o3.png
Title: Chief Security Officer, Spacedock
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Exploration Command)

Lieutenant Dominic Verner Langdon currently serves as the Chief Security Officer aboard Spacedock, under the command of Commodore Aron Erasto Amadeus.


Personnel File


Dominic Verner Langdon, a young man of mixed Greek, Norwegian, and Caucasian descent, was born on 20 Apr 2375, to Commander Rudolph Adamus Langdon, a former/retired Executive Officer diagnosed with Forrester-Trent syndrome, and Lieutenant Commander Ingrid Allison Getchell, his Chief Medical Officer/primary caregiver and ever-vigilant guardian.

Langdon's parents had achieved a noteworthy commendation for their service against the Breen and meritorious marks of loyalty for support of Starfleet. Rudolph had served in various tactical positions, from Master at Arms, to Chief Tactical Officer. Ingrid had served primarily in life-science positions, ranging from Assistant Xenologist to Assistant Chief of Biosphere Evaluation, but her career always led her back to medicine.

Langdon grew up with the knowledge that his parents fought on the side of someone named Ritter, during the Federation Civil War. He'd heard it mentioned, on more than one occasion, in the years he spent with his parents. Only after joining the Academy, and learning about the war, did he make the connection:

Rudolph and Ingrid were swayed by Ritter's charisma, and zeal. They were swayed at the supposed progress being made against the 'enemy'. They wore the rose-tinted glasses, which helped them to forget that those whom they fought against were fellow citizens. When the Alliance building was bombed, their faith swayed, as they wondered if they were doing the right thing. But they continued to support who they thought to be in the right. Only when the truth came out did they realize the mistake they'd made, and distanced themselves from the fruit-loop once known as Ritter.

For months afterward, Langdon was shocked that something of this nature could've happened, but also proud that his parents fought for what they believed in. It hasn't quite 'haunted' him to this day, in a performance-impacting way, but it's not something he'll easily forget.

Langdon's early life was far from mundane, as a Starfleet brat. He was the middle child of the family, having three older siblings -- Zefram, Archer, and Nathan -- and two younger -- Katran, and Gabrielle. Langdon defended his younger siblings whenever the older ones felt like picking on them. From this, he also learned proper adult behavior, how to mediate disputes, and handle delegation of tasks.

From 2389 to 2392, Dominic attended high-school. What he lacked in social skill, due to his 'no-nonsense' attitude, he more than made up for in solid work ethic. This impressed his instructors, who would often take him on as a staff aide. While the official instructor handled the lesson plan, Dominic would handle organizing papers, which the instructor would then grade, as well as various other clerical duties.

This created a social rift between him and the other students, due to his actions painting him as 'above' them. Thus, he found solace with the staff, from whom he learned self-motivation and independence. During his final year of high-school, he discovered a natural affinity for the ancient pass-time of chess. This lead to his being elected first chair, if only for a short time, and left him with a permanently changed, more analytical mindset. Two weeks after joining the team, he won his tenth consecutive chess match.

In 2393, at the age of eighteen years, he left behind the pastel-shaded paradise of childhood, and entered the cold, harsh world of adulthood, submitting his application to Starfleet Academy, which he later joined as a fresh-minded Cadet. Shortly before graduation, in late '96, Dominic began his cadet cruise, as a trainee in Tactical, aboard the USS Tarawa (Sovereign-class, NCC-82143).

Upon graduation, in 2397, Ensign Langdon was re-assigned to the Tarawa, as a Tactical Officer. Two years later, in 2399, newly-minted LTJG Langdon was reassigned to the USS Sutherland (Sovereign-class, NCC-82145). After eight months aboard the Sutherland, in early 2400, he was offered a promotion to Lieutenant, which he accepted.

Service Record

  • Y-blank3.png 2393: Entered Starfleet Academy, Tactical & Security.
  • Y-c4.png 2396: Assignment: USS Tarawa (NCC-82143) as Tactical Trainee.
  • Y-o1.png 2397: Graduated. Commissioned Ensign (O-1).
  • Y-o1.png 2397: Assignment: USS Tarawa (NCC-82143) as Tactical Officer.
  • Y-o2.png 2399: Promoted: Lieutenant (junior grade) (O-2).
  • Y-o2.png 2399: Assignment: USS Sutherland (NCC-82145) as Assistant Chief of Security.
  • Y-o3.png 2400: Promoted: Lieutenant (O-3).
  • Y-o3.png 27 Feb 2403: Assignment: Spacedock as Chief Security Officer. (81101.67)
  • Y-o3.png 27 Feb 2403: Assignment: USS Proteus (NCC-74925) as Chief Security Officer/Second Officer. (81101.67)



  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Certification
  • Security Certification
  • Weapons Certification
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