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Larel Neala
Rank: Lieutenant Y-o3.png
Title: Chief Engineering Officer, USS Astraeus (NCC-74917)
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)
Siblings: None



Dreams. Dreams have a long history both as a subject of conjecture and as a source of inspiration. This dream started when Larel Neala was three and couldn't understand what it meant. It was of a man holding his hand out to her, pulling her up out of the water. When she gasped for what seemed like her first breath, the light blinded her so completely that when she woke up she lost her vision for a week. Nothing was physically wrong with her eyes, and the incident was forgotten as she grew older.

Her parents were loving, living in a small area in the countryside. They were very religious, believing that devoting their lives to the Prophets and doing their Will would bring about good things. Hope was almost lost as they tried for many years to conceive a child, having it only finally happen after her mother, Bunai, took a pilgrimage to Kola Mountain and experienced what she considered an awakening. When she arrived home and renewed her love for her husband, Tamil, a child was born six months later on July 7th, 2372. Aside from the vision issue when she was three, she grew up happy with a fondness for the animals they tended to. As she got older, she became more comfortable with them than she did people, and her parents became worried at what it would mean for her future. They sent her off to visit B'hala for her to find her true path, and when she came back she revealed her wish to join Starfleet to help where she was needed.

Being home schooled for most of her life, the Academy proved difficult only because she wasn't sure how to handle herself around so many people. She was kept away from reading various news wires while at home, so she never kept up with galactic events and was hit with quite a shock upon hearing of all the wars and whatnot that went on during her lifetime. But it never detered her, as she excelled in her studies, picking up things very quickly as she found her affinity for mechanics at home carried itself over. Dealing with the machines seemed much easier than dealing with the other humanoids anyway, so she stuck her nose to the grindstone and made it through her Cadet cruise with no problem. After completing her training, she was commissioned and made ready to serve aboard her new ship.

Being named Chief Engineering Officer was another great shock. Such an honor should've been given to someone else more experienced, more personable. She at one point did try and step down, but with encouragement from her Executive Officer decided against it. It became even harder to walk away after getting to know the crew there and aboard Deep Space Nine. The more she talked, the more her confidence grew, and when Commander Richter decided to expound his wisdom upon her it basically sealed the deal.

Service Record




Commplant/Computer Certification
Engineering System Certification
Engineering Repair Certification
Restricted Line Officer

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