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Janet Laurels
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Janet Laurels Galactic Living, Inc.
Race: Terran
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Galactic Living

Janet Laurels is the CEO of Janet Laurels Galactic Living, Incorporated.


Janet Laurels was an only child, born in sickbay on Spacedock, where Roger and Melanie Lorelei Laurels, her parents, worked as design architects for Starfleet ships. As a young child, her mother instilled in her an interest in cooking, rather than using food replicators. She also taught her daughter how to design her own clothing for fabrication devices. The young Janet soon attended an arts school, where she studied all sorts of design.

Just a few years later, Janet had attended three different universities, complete with degrees in Home Economics, Architecture, and, oddly enough, Mechanical Engineering.

During the time of her various college studies around the galaxy, she was performing various odd jobs here and there to finance herself. The last of those was a career singing at a cabaret near her last university. She continued her show with them for a few weeks after receiving her latest diploma. On the last day of her job, she was horrified to discover that the Borg invaded Earth, where her parents had retired. As the Borg war carried on and the Galaxy Alliance was formed, Janet was disgusted at how poorly organized (to her) the war effort was, and renounced her GA citizenship, deciding that being independent would be far better.

She soon began traveling throughout the Galaxy, selling all sorts of patterns for food, furniture, and clothing replicators. She has, on many occasions, been contracted to work with shipbuilders to design the interiors. Although some consider her contemporary architecture tacky, no one dares question the elegance of her more classical designs.

Janet Laurels is a generally cheerful and friendly person, but the success she has acquired from her proprietary patterns and designs she has sold has made her slightly snobbish, and she scorns those with no appreciation for her work.


  • 2378 - Graduated from Julian R. Drevon School of Arts as Class Salutatorian
  • 2378 - Began Attending Veiron School of Architecture
  • 2381 - Received a bachelor's in Architecture from Veiron School of Architecture
  • 2381 - Began attending University of Crarlia
  • 2383 - Graduated from University of Crarlia Magna Cum Laude in Home Economics
  • 2383 - Began attending the Daystrom Institute
  • 2385 - Graduated from the Daystrom Institute with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2385 - Completed designs for several luxury yachts and sold them to Integrated Elegance Shipworks
  • 2386 - Created the business Janet Laurels Galactic Living, Incorporated to distribute her new replicator patterns for food, furniture, fabric, and clothing
  • 2386 - Commissioned to design a mansion for a wealthy scientist on Risa
  • 2387 - Joined a team of diverse architects for the construction of a cosmopolitan art museum for a province of Bajor to display artwork collected from foreign worlds
  • 2389 - Finished a two-year contract to teach architecture at a Bajoran university
  • 2389 - Begins six year distance study doctoral program with the Daystrom Institute
  • 2393 - Opens the exclusive Janet Laurels Fashion store on the promenade in Deep Space Nine
  • 2394 - Opens Janet's Secret, a lingerie and intimates store on Oblivion Point
  • 2395 - Completes Doctorate in Engineering
  • 2396 - Transfers operations of Janet Laurels Galactic Living to Milan Station
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