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Travis "Trouble" LeBlanc
Affiliation: Starfleet
Fleet Operations
Rank: Major
Callsign: Trouble
Race: Terran
Gender: Male



Travis "Trouble" LeBlanc was born on November 22nd, 2373 on Eutopia Planetia Shipyards above Mars. His early childhood was spent among the families aboard the shipyard, witnessing his parents and their colleagues build starships. His parents, as engineers and officers in Starfleet, instilled a great love of both learning and mechanical things within the young boy, leading him in a long-standing hobby of starship modeling and building. He continued to attend school, scoring high marks in mental and physical aptitude tests. What he had in mental and physical ability, he squandered on causing trouble in class. He was a literal terror as a teenager, his mind seeming hyper and addled when he wasn't working on something absolutely engaging. Those are the times when he would do his best to find something to entertain him, usually at the expense of his parents and teachers. When he came of age, he followed his father's plan for joining Starfleet and yet took a completely different route. Rather then majoring in Starship Engineering as he had thought he would do at one point, he took a different route and decided to learn how to drive starships instead.

Life at the Academy was quite a spoonful of medicine to the young man. He learned to be sneaky about the pranks he pulled, finding himself in the academic shithouse on more then one occasion. He still surpassed expectations in some areas, and spent his junior and senior years on Nova Squadron, the Academy's elite flight demonstration team.

He graduated Starfleet Academy with a degree Astronavigation at the age of twenty-two, and qualified to enter the Marine Corps Air Service. He took his commission as a Second Lieutenant on June 18th, 2395. He trained in several Starfleet trainers on Bajor, and earned his callsign by using his fighter as a battering ram to end a simulated engagement. His flight instructor told him that he was "nothing but trouble" and the name stuck. Due to his expertise, he was selected to fly Starfleet's cutting edge Wasp-class fighter soon thereafter. He qualified on the Wasp, graduated flight school and was promoted to First Lieutenant.

Upon promotion, he was assigned to the USS Astraeus NCC-74917 as a member of Obsidian Squadron under the command of Captain Ezran. He flew Obsidian Five on a number of missions, before being transferred to Deep Space Nine.

Due to a lack of qualified CAGs, LeBlanc was breveted to the rank of Major (O-4) and given command of the Air Group assigned to Deep Space 9 as well as Quartz Squadron.

Personal History

  • G-blank1.png 51895.1 Born on Eutopia Planetia Shipyards, Mars

Starfleet Service Record

  • G-o1.png 74592.9 Graduated MCAS Flight School, Bajor
  • G-o2.png 74592.9 Promotion to First Lieutenant (O-2)
  • G-o2.png 74615.5 Assigned as Marine Pilot, USS Astraeus (NCC-74917)
  • G-o4.png 76839.0 Battlefield Promotion to Major (O-4)
  • G-o4.png 75864.3 Assignment as Commander Air Group, Deep Space 9
  • G-o4.png 78476.6 Assignment as Commander Air Group, USS Shangri-La (NCC-81962)
  • G-o4.png 79179.7 Assignment as Commander Air Group, USS Agaki (NCC-90000)
  • G-o4.png 79577.9 Assignment as Commander Air Group, Deep Space 9
  • G-o4.png 81629.8 Assignment as Chief of Security, Deep Space 9
  • G-o4.png 82718.7 May or may not have had a kid. He'll get back to you on this.
  • G-o4.png 83156.3 Awarded Letter of Commendation
  • G-o4.png 83521.2 Assignment as Second Officer, Deep Space 9
  • G-o5.png 83523.4 Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel (0-5)
  • G-o5.png 85671.3 Assignment as Commander Air Group, Deep Space 9
  • G-o5.png 85673.8 Assignment as Commander Air Group, USS Indomitable (NCC-64005)
  • G-o5.png 85833.9 Awarded Unit Commendation Ribbon
  • R-o5.png 92800.2 Transferred commission to Fleet Operations
  • R-o5.png 93013.7 Assignment as Helmsman, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G)
  • R-o5.png 94871.4 Assignment to Deep Space 9
  • R-o5.png 95166.7 Assignment as Chief Helmsman/Chief of Security, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G)
  • R-o5.png 100674.6 Retired from Starfleet after 26 years of service.
  • R-blank1.png 100733.8 Operator of CCV Skidbladnir
  • R-o4.png 101295.6 Reactivated Commission in Starfleet after 7 months of semi-permanent leave.
  • R-o5.png 101295.6 Promotion to Commander (O-5)
  • R-o5.png 101295.6 Assignment to BAJCOM Officers Pool on Deep Space 9


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