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Tanya Tu Yun Li
Li in White Casual.png
Character Overview
Rank: 2410 SF O-3.png
Title: Starfleet Officer (Counselor)
USS Zenith (NCC-73030)
Status: Alive
Race: Terran
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: November 16th 2403
Place of Birth: New York, New York, Earth, Sol
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)
Parents: Keung Li (Father)
Annette Li (Mother)
Siblings: Thomas Li (Elder)
Spouse: None
Children: None
OOC Information
Played By:

Lieutenant Tanya Tu Yun Li is a serving member of Starfleet, specializing in the Medical Field as a Counselor. She is currently serving aboard the USS Zenith under the command of Lieutenant Commander Colin A. Reid as the ship's Counselor. This posting began on Stardate 114992.05 (December 20th 2437).



Early Life

Tanya Tu Yun Li was born November 16th, 2403, to Keung and Annette Li (nee Kerrigan) in the Bronx borough of Manhattan, New York, the second (by two years) of two children. Her brother, Thomas, and she grew up on Earth, encouraged to pursue what made them the happiest. While Thomas became an artist specializing in abstract holodeck works, Tanya became interested in the mind and its vagaries. The different races saw the same things in different ways--even the same race, from the same planet. Something about that utterly fascinated her.

The other passion in her life was her body--which is to say, pushing herself and seeing what she could do. It was less important than her studies and social interactions, but she was never a slouch. Through a Klingon business associate-cum-friend of the family--K'ratak, head of a rather minor Lesser House, little more than a House of merchants (not that anyone said such to their faces, of course)--she became interested in Klingon combat, though she was never very skilled. The first time she tried a basic sweep with a bat'leth ended up with her in Sickbay and the doctor on duty swearing up and down she fought a trans-molecular phase-inducement coil and lost.

When she was twelve, her family was with K'ratak on his freighter, the Cha'bIp, when they were attacked by pirates. Though "only" a freighter, Tanya saw K'ratak pilot his ship and instruct his crew like he were aboard a Bird of Prey--including singing victory songs afterward. It was important, she was told, to celebrate after a victory--and privately, she was told that such things were especially important on a freighter. They fought like they were in command of the Imperial Army of old because they believed it. They had to, if they were to win the day. What the mind believes to be real, the body will act as if it /is/ real. She started to see that ideology in everyday life--people weren't brave because they had no fear, they were brave because they faced their fears and made themselves act even in the face of them. Terrans weren't really much different--beneath it all, certain things were true no matter the species.

She at least took other aspects of Klingon culture to heart, like the value of honor in all its various forms, the importance of one's family. To the amusement of her brother and the surprise of her parents, she ended up getting a large mural tattooed on her back, based on a painting her paternal grandmother took five years to complete. Granted, by that point, she started expressing what little rebellious side she had by dying her hair pink--but she ended up keeping it cropped short in a professional look, anyway. That somewhat defeated the purpose and she knew it, but then again she was about as much a genuine rebel as she was a genuine Breen.

The night before she entered Starfleet Academy, she gathered with friends and family for a party at a tavern on a Klingon-controlled planetoid. She didn't actually remember most of that night, though Thomas would forever tease her about having a holo-recording of her attempting to marry Klingon opera with the Chinese dizi, a wooden flute-like instrument. She was never sure whether to demand a copy for proof or to just pretend he was lying. That K'ratak seemed sincerely appreciative of her grasp of opera, and her friends kept asking where her musical roots were, didn't exactly help matters.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

When she entered Starfleet Academy, her family were proud of her, giving her encouragement when she struggled with her studies. Even K'ratak was encouraging, accepting that battling the demons in the mind was as important as battling the demons in the world. Though it was never easy, she stayed the course, transferring to Starfleet Medical to further her studies in psychology. Long nights and as much raktajino could drink to keep herself awake helped her get through, focusing on the end goal of helping people battle the parts of their own minds that they struggled against, until she finally earned her Ph.D and Psy.D.

At twenty-eight years old she graduated from Starfleet Medical, the Lieutenant (J.G.) pips still freshly-attached to her tunic. When she did, she was presented with Thomas' latest piece (which she could only ever call "eclectic", and that was being charitable), a holo-image of the painting upon which her back-mural was based from her father, a house cat from her mother, and a d'k tahg from K'ratak. They were small tokens, but they reminded her of home, as well as reminded her of what she hoped to be able to offer others. There was a war brewing; people would need to know they had the internal strength to survive it.

U.S.S. Lacrimosa

Following her graduation from Starfleet Academy, Li was assigned to the USS Lacrimosa (NCC-1881), under the command of Commander Teral Danek. She served aboard this posting for several months, until she took a temporary leave of absence to deal with personal matters.

Leave of absense

At this time, Li has not revealed why she took her leave of absence with Starfleet.

U.S.S. Zenith

Returning to active Starfleet Duty, Li was assigned to the USS Zenith (NCC-73030).

Service Record

Certifications and Citations

  • Letter of Commendation
  • Medical Triage Certification
  • Medical Equipment Certification

Awards and Decorations

Row 1 Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon
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