Li Aroya

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Li Aroya
Li Aroya.png
Rank Vedek
Title Chairman, Vedek Assembly
Affiliation Bajoran Religious Order
Personal Profile
Race Bajoran
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 150lbs
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Green
PB: 17
Birth Records
Birthdate 3/19/2357
Birthplace Jalanda City, Bajor
Father Li (nee Brin) Jarol
Mother Li Neryl

A studious and well composed demeanor belongs to this slightly aging woman. Greying brown hair is pulled back into a braid that goes down her back. Her eyes are emerald green with a five-pointed starburst around the pupil. She has slightly thin lips which can move to indicate her emotion almost as well as an entire expression on the behalf of his countenance. On the bridge of her nose are ridges indicative of the Bajoran race, and the sterling silver earring attached to her right ear shows her religious affiliation.

Upon the form of this Bajoran is an elegant religious garment. It is made out of a soft cotton-like material, and it appears as though this robe has been made to the precise measurements of its wearer and is connected with a white band cincture. The robe itself is a red-orange robe with occasional religious markings at various places. The robe wraps around her form; the neck of the robe is bordered in white. The ends of the robe, which are larger than necessary, are also trimmed in the same shade. The woman wears boots upon her foot of the same light brown color. This particular garment is consistent with the type of robe that the Chairman of the Vedek Assembly would wear.

First Minister Elections

Vedek Li is currently in the running as a candidate for First Minister of Bajor, below is information regarding her political platform and public information.

Question #1
Do you feel the recent attacks and threats against Bajor are a source of domestic or foreign threat?

  • The Prophets speak to us in mysterious ways. That which has done the greatest harm to our society has also been that which has joined us so greatly. I believe that regardless of who is responsible we mustn't be so quick to point fingers within. I do not believe we have fully uncovered the full story behind these attacks, but I have witnessed our military perform the finest investigations into these issues. I am confident that through continued military support we will once again bring peace and safety to our people.

Question #2
Many Bajoran citizens feel the trade and political treaties with the Rihannsu Stelam Shiar should be renegotiated. Some political pundits on Bajor feel the Shiar is simply using the Republic and the alliance has only served to distance ourselves diplomatically from more loyal and genuine allies. If elected, do you intend on reevaluating any foreign diplomatic agreements? Can we trust the friendship of the Shiar

  • If it were not for the friendship and assistance of the Shiar we would not have had the opportunity to grow as quickly as we had after the succession from the Galaxy Alliance. It would be naive to believe that the Shiar is providing us assistance at no cost or benefit to themselves. This doesn't mean we need to thank their asstiance with mistrust. We have a thriving young colony in the Gamma Quadrant and the Rihannsu Stelam Shiar has been a key factor in the protection, supplying, and assistance with our efforts in the Gamma Quadrant. I believe we could benefit from looking to others as new sources of friendship.

Question #3
If elected First Minister of the Democratic Republic of Bajor, what would be the first issue you wish to put attention towards?

  • Thank you for asking that, I feel that question is really the driving purpose behind my candidacy for First Minister. It came to me in a vision, it was after I had received the Orb of Prophecy from Commodore Kainon Essa. With the rescue of the Orb after it's tragic theft, I was gifted with a vision and a mission from the Prophets. They have shown me a Bajor of Unity. A Bajor of renewed faith, and a Bajor that is strong with the protection of the Prophets. The most important and primary issue that I intend on addressing is the return of the Tears of the Prophets to the people of Bajor. The vision shown to me by the Prophets has given me strong faith that we as a people can unify with the military, the temples, and the government to bring back what was stolen from us.

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