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Lirpa Class
Class Overview
Name: Lirpa-class Light Cruiser
Builders: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Operators: Alliance Starfleet
Preceded By: Intrepid-class
Succeeded By: None
In Commission: 4
Planned: 4
Constructed: 4
Active: 2
General Characteristics
Type: Light Cruiser
Dimensions: Length: 365.0m
Width: 142.0m
Height: 74.0m
Mass: 957,000mt
Propulsion: Dual Cores
Fusion Generators
Speed: Sublight: .3c
Cruise: 9.999w
Emergency: 9.9999w
Range: Unlimited distance; 30 years
Complement: Officers: 35
Enlisted: 125
Total: 160
Armament: 12 VR-Phaser Banks
2 Heavy VR-Phaser Cannons
8 Torpedo Launchers
Armor: Ablative
Auxiliary Craft: 6 (max)


Design and construction

The Lirpa class light-cruiser is intended to replace the Intrepid and Pathfinder classes as the new light-cruiser of the fleet. Among its new impressive features are its heavy cannon arrays, which are an upgrade of the cannons that came standard with the Intrepid class.

The Lirpa boasts an innovative dual core engine design. The secondary core is the typical warp core design that has propelled Starfleet vessels to faster than light (FTL) speeds for much of history. This core's primary use on the Lirpa is to provide power and propulsion to the ship's cannons and torpedo weapons. It may also be used for emergency ship propulsion up to Warp 6.

The primary core, located on the lower engineering deck, runs the internal soliton wave generator which is the main source of this ship's FTL propulsion.

Fuel Data

The FPC (Fusion Power Coefficient) for balancing engine loadouts on this class of vessel is 3.401065%

Cruising speed capable (warp 9.999) at 70% drive capacity (2464gw).


 `._   . .   =============  ==     |       ___
              //         `';'..--'   . . .          . . .  `'----.,
              \\           '_ =  ===========================  ======= =>
               `;,           ;     -----------     ______,,....-----'`
        `._   . .   =============  ==     |

Deck Layout

Service History

Ships Commissioned

Ships Planned


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