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Lishan Noryl
Affiliation: Bajoran Religious Order - Galaxy Alliance
Title: Kai of Bajor, First Minister of Bajor
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Male
Style: His (Your) Eminence

His Eminence, the Kai of Bajor, Lishan Noryl, is a former Bajoran Resistance fighter, born during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. During his days in the Resistance, Lishan was known for being a physical and spiritual healer, a "life force" for the fighters. It was during this time that he first began his informal religious training. At the end of the Occupation, his experience was augmented by formal training. Shortly thereafter, he was elevated to the religious rank of Vedek. A few short years later, he was admitted to the Vedek Assembly. Upon the passing of Kai Amara in 2390, Lishan was elected Kai.

During the election for Chancellor of the Galaxy Alliance in 2396, Lishan was among one of the leading candidates, competing with Krant of Ferenginar and Dr. Trent L'vralus of Beerax IX.

In 2405, he ran for and was elected First Minister of Bajor. Because an appointment to Kai is for life, he is concurrently serving as religious and political leader of Bajor.


Lishan Noryl was born during the bitter Spring of 2338 on the once flourishing planet of Bajor. He was born to parents who were part of the Li Resistance Cell. Life certainly was not easy for the infant, and he was certainly a blessing, yet a burden at the same time, to his parents. The resistance cell usually lacked the participation of at least one of his parents during their operations because the infant could not be abandoned. As the child grew older, his parents started to educate him, and he also started to give back to the resistance cell by performing necessary chores such as carting fruits, vegetables, and roots and other small tasks as early as four years of age. With each additional year, the responsibilities increased.

By the age of eight, he was being trained on how to use hand-held weapons. At this young age, he was not quite skilled or strong enough to fight; he was left behind to care for several injured members of the resistance cell while the others left to attempt acts of terrorism against a Cardassian landing pad where a supply shipment was due to arrive. A small Cardassian patrol on foot spotted the camp within the hills and raided it. The injured who could not walk were executed, and he and the two surviving resistance members were taken to the Elemspur Detention Facility in August of 2346. Noryl would never see his parents again. At the detention facility, he was physically abused and forced to do terrible labor, including cleaning the interrogation facilities after each interrogation. Conditions were harsh and life nearly unbearable, but the worst was still to come.

When the Bajoran boy reached the age of fourteen, his Cardassian aggressors captured another child to take his place. After all, physically strengthened from the harsh conditions of the Elemspur Detention Facility, the boy was now capable of surviving at a forced labor camp. In 2352, Noryl was transferred to the Recantha Province were strip mining was obtaining the natural resources that the Cardassians so desperately needed. He worked under the brutal conditions of the forced labor camp until it was liberated by the Shakaar Resistance Cell eight months after his arrival. Noryl was integrated into the Shakaar Resistance Cell as a member.

After being in the Shakaar Resistance Cell for five years, Noryl had become a respected member of the resistance movement. In fact, he showed his greatest heroism during the liberation of the Gallitepp Forced Labor Camp at the age of nineteen. The now strong and brave resistance member was directly responsible for the death of twelve Cardassian guards. Despite the fact that his heroic efforts assisted in the liberation of the labor facility, the face-to-face combat which resulted in the slaughter of living beings would be something that he would live with for the rest of his life. Those horrific, slaughtered Cardassian visages were not the only reason that he became much more wary of fighting. Late in the night after the liberation of Gallitepp, Noryl experienced a vision in which the Prophets seemed to discourage killing. When he discussed it with a former Prylar, he agreed that he had experienced a Pagh'tem'far -- a sacred vision granted by the Prophets. After that day, Noryl never killed a Cardassian again.

It was after the liberation of Gallitepp in 2357 that Noryl began his informal religious training. He studied, most of the time, by himself, and he was a constant source of positive encouragement and reinforcement for the Bajorans with whom he came into contact during the Occupation. In fact, he became known as "Koss'Pagh". Roughly transmitted, this means To Be a Life Force. For the members of the resistance cell, it meant that Noryl was the one to gave them their life force by teaching of the Prophets. In secret, for the practice of the Bajoran religious was forbidden, Lishan was inducted into the Bajoran Religious Order as a Prylar and received his religious preparation under Vedek Tora. Upon the completion of his religious studies, as he was the only Bajoran cleric for hundreds of kilometers at times, he was elevated to Ranjen.

At the end of the Occuption when the Borg threat became prevalent, the Vedek Assembly unanimously voted to elevate Noryl to Vedek, as his service in the resistance cell could have been considered his time as a Prylar. Several years later, he was admitted to the Vedek Assembly.

Aside from participating in formal training, Noryl also had a great deal to do with the reconstruction efforts on Bajor. After the Cardassians withdrew and Starfleet moved in to take control of Terok Nor, the former mining center located in orbit of Bajor, the majority of the Bajorans had become lost in the transition which almost seemed to occur overnight. Noryl assisted with the creation of the Bajoran Fund for Orphans, and he also became involved in the rebuilding and reopening of the Kalash Retreat from 2366 to 2368. It was known that his family had been well-to-do before the Occupation, and it was rumored that Noryl had used a great deal of this assets which his parents had invested in foreign industries to provide for some of the financial cost of the projects in which he became involved.

After the partial assimilation of the planet Bajor and the destruction of Terok Nor on August 26, 2371, Noryl continued his teachings when he could as well as his religious studies. Moreover, he became involved in the Bajor Reclamation Project as the official representative from the Vedek Assembly. This ensured that religious retreats and other important places would be part of the reconstruction efforts.

Once Bajor had been reclaimed, Noryl was among the first of the religious officials to return to the planet. As Bajor slowly started becoming repopulated, the popularity of the Vedek soared. Noryl became interested in projects such as the rebuilding of the Jalanda Shrine, the Bajoran Library in which ancient texts from as far back as the Fall of the First Republic are stored, and the Bajoran Central Archives which contains records of correspondence by the government and the Vedek Assembly and includes personnel files on most Bajorans. He concentrated so much on these efforts that he elected to stay out of the running for Kai despite the fact that his popularity was still rising.

During the Bajoran nationalist uprising and calls for secession from the Galaxy Alliance, Noryl was among the religious officials who encouraged the increasing members of the population and the Bajoran militia officers and men to look at the status of Bajor objectively. The rumors of possible secession from the Galaxy Alliance never developed beyond that -- rumors. After the attack upon Bajor by the Breen that killed more than one million Bajorans, Noryl held public prayer services and assisted with clearing the debris and providing assistance to the wounded and homeless himself.

Noryl was a leading candidate for the position of Kai since it has been vacated by its last holder, Kai Amara. Most of the leaders and followers of the mainstream Orders supported him. By many, Noryl was perceived to be the man capable of securing the reestablishment of Bajor for Bajorans by encouraging a return to the traditional ways while being accepting to the foreigners who are now numerable on the planet.

Aside from his past practice of philanthropy and religious teachings, Noryl is known to enjoy playing the Beli Clavian, a native wind instrument of Bajor known to produce beautiful music in addition to being exceptionally difficult to play. He also enjoys botany and culinary arts.

Personal History

  • 2357 - Informal religious training began.
  • 2359 - Inducted into the Bajoran Religious Order as a Prylar by Vedek Prina.
  • 2362 - Elevated to Ranjen.
  • 2366 - Elevated to Vedek.
  • 2370 - Admitted to the Vedek Assembly.
  • 2390 - Elected Kai by the Vedek Assembly.
  • 2396 - Leading candidate for Chancellor of the Galaxy Alliance in the 2396 Election.
  • 2405 - Elected First Minister of Bajor. Continues to serve as Kai concurrently.
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