Lishan calls for Bajorans to return home

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IC Date: Thu Apr 28 2405

JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) -- First Minister Lishan Noryl made his first public address this morning since yesterday's news of Bajor's impending secession from the Galaxy Alliance.

"Bajoran nationals both at home and abroad, the time has come for Bajor to stand on its own. Though we will enjoy the benefits of a continued relationship with the Galaxy Alliance and other powers with whom we are currently in contact with for trade agreements, your homeland needs you and your service. I call upon citizens and residents of Bajor through- out the galaxy: return to Bajor, for this is the time that we need you most."

The Starfleet Bureau of Personnel has reported an unusual spike in the number of resignations received by their office since the announcement of secession yesterday. In just over twenty-four hours time, more than fifteen percent of all Bajorans and Bajoran citizens serving in Starfleet have submitted their resignations. The Bureau of Personnel suspects that number could climb much higher over the next week.

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