Lishan speaks of secession, friendship

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IC Date: Mon Apr 18 2405

PARIS, EARTH (INW) -- Shortly after arriving on Earth, Lishan Noryl, First Minister and Kai of Bajor, made the following press release:

"Citizens of Bajor, I come to you this evening as both First Minister and Kai. After careful consideration and deliberation, the Bajoran members of the Alliance High Council proposed a bill of secession that would immediately separate Bajor from the Alliance, allowing us to stand independent and as a sovereign nation. However, I have made great haste to meet with the council delegation on Earth, and I have asked them to recall the bill to the Senate Committee of the Interior so that it may be amended before it is voted on by the full council."

"After consulting with the Emissary of the Prophets, Admiral Ruao of Starfleet, I believe that completely severing our ties with the Galaxy Alliance may not be prudent at this time. Make no mistake: I do not believe Bajor can continue to serve as a member of the Alliance, and I will fully support the Bajoran council delegation in their deliberations with the High Council in that regard. However, at the same time, it would be a mistake to put a complete end to a friendship that has survived through many survived through many turbulent times."

"Let me assure that I have the best interests of Bajor and Bajoran citizens at heart, and I will be working closely with the Bajoran council delegation to draft an amended bill of secession for the Committee and full council as soon as possible. May you always walk with the Prophets."

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