Lishan speaks out against the Circle

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IC Date: Tue Dec 6 2405

Kai Lishan Noryl, First Minister of Bajor, appears on the viewscreen.

"Last evening, an act of terrorism was perpetrated against the Democratic Republic of Bajor. In this unprovoked attack, an Ambassador of a foreign nation was captured, and our government was given an ultimatum: cut diplomatic ties with foreign nations, or suffer the consequences," Lishan reports, folding his hands together on the desk before him. "However, I thank the Prophets that due to the collective efforts of Starfleet and the Bajoran Defense Force, we have rescued the Ambassador and he is being treated for his injuries. Two are in custody at this time."

The First Minister takes a rather serious gaze at the camera. "Neither this government nor I will be threatened or bullied into submitted to the will of the lost souls who claim to act as patriots of Bajor. Bajor may now stand alone, but Bajor will not stand in isolation. Friendships with powers like the Galaxy Alliance, the Rihannsu Stelam Empire, the Cardassian Union, and the Dosi make Bajor strong."

"The Bajoran Militia will continue to work diligently planetside to see that the Circle is broken while Starfleet and the Defense Force work to keep Deep Space 9 safe for free trade and commerce. Bajor will be a sanctuary of peace, not a place of terror," Lishan says. "Good day."

The screen flashes to an emblem of Bajor before going dark.

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