Lishan stomps opponents in debate

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IC Date: Thu Mar 31 2405

JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) - The Bajoran Commission on Governmental Debates held a series of debates between the candidates for First Minister of Bajor today in the Jalanda Forum. Represented were Lishan Noryl, Jeeya, Ashan Richard, Jennifer O'Dell, and Yina Mol. The main topics of the debate were focused on increasing commercial activity on Bajor, finding systems of support in the midst of the current economy, and opinions on Bajor's role in the Galaxy Alliance amidst the current state of galactic turmoil.

Though several contenders proved themselves well-versed, Lishan Noryl trounced his opponents in the debate. Public polls in Jalanda after the debate showed a support rating of 84-percent for the Kai.

This marks the kick-off to the last week of debates prior to the Special Election.

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