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Role-play and IC events such as combat are taken to being logged. However, on Where No One Has Gone Before, we prefer to have a consensual role-play logging policy. We would very much like for players to let other players know they are logging, and secure permission from players involved to publish logs, either on the web, or by sending to the WNOHGB Log Mailing List.

A character flag may be set to give blanket permission for that character to be logged, LOG_OK. Please see Character Flags for additional information.

Logs may be used to act as evidence in the case of violation of player etiquette policy.

Submitting RP Logs

We've brought back a place for characters to post their Personal Logs as well as an easier way to submit RP logs. Personal Logs have returned and RP Log submissions have improved. There are now two ways to share your IC story with the rest of the game:

Personal Logs Mailer: *rp.ooc-personal_logs
Submit RP Logs by Email: rp-logs@wnohgb.org

The personal logs mailer is an OOC mailer where you can share your character's personal or professional logs for others to read. Please remember, information posted to this mailer (like RP logs) is for OOC purposes only.

Email rp-logs@wnohgb.org and have your RP log submitted to the Wiki. Logs sent by email should use the title of the RP for the Subject field and the text of the log in the body of the email. No attachments please.

You can also earn XP for quality RP and stories by Posting personal logs and RP logs.

Log Requirements for XP Awards

Additional Log Requirements for XP Awards follow (effective 22 May 2016):

  • No player may receive an XP award for more than two (2) logs submitted per calendar week (Sunday to Saturday). The date of submission shall be used to determine eligibility.
  • Any log submitted for an XP award must have a minimum of ten (10) completed rounds of role-play (poses) in a single scene to qualify. Any player that leaves prior to the completion of round ten within the log will not receive an XP award for that scene. Scenes may not be combined in a log to qualify for an XP award.
  • In order to qualify for an XP award beyond the above requirements, any player within a scene must primarily participate in the scene with the PC itself. NPCs used as the primary means of participation will not merit an XP award for the PC in question. All other PCs who exhibit primary participation within the scene shall receive an XP award.
  • The Administration shall hold final judgment on the awarding of XP, with the ArchWizard as the final arbiter of all appealed decisions/summary judgment.

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