Looking for Answers (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
8 Feb 2013

The main concourse on the large promenade surges with motion as military personnel and civilians flow in and out of shops and through the wide walk-way. Shops line the sides of the Promenade and solicitors stand against the walls, attempting to peddle their wares. Morn's Place dominates a large section of the main concourse with a large entrance. Station security is also located in this part of the Promenade, so to give the security personnel close access to the most problematic area of the station.

Sarish steps out of the Temple and into the station's Promenade. He takes a moment to become acclimated to the increased lighting before stepping further, the hem of his blue robes hovering a fraction of an inch off the ground as he walks.

A few moments after Sarish steps out onto the Promenade, the door to security hisses open and lets Vannor through. The tall Bajoran woman starts straight off, mingling with the crowds and apparently heading for the Temple, but when she catches sight of Sarish, she adjusts her course slightly. She doesn't recognise the face, but the robes are a different story. "Good evening, Ranjen," she greets him as she draws

Sarish turns at the sound of his title and smiles comfortably, "Ah, good evening." He ceases his walk and turns to face her completely so that she knows that she has his full attention. "I don't believe we've met. Sarish Anjar." He inclines his head in a respectful nod.

"Vannor Brieth," Vannor returns the nod and smiles. "I'm surprised we haven't met, Ranjen, but I haven't seen you when I've visited the Temple. Have you been away from the station?"

Sarish nods, smiling comfortably. "Indeed, I have. When I first came to the station, it was the first time I had left Bajor. I am getting used to it now, but I still like time in the gardens of the Shrine. The shuttle service has been very useful." He pauses, "Oh, please, you can call me Anjar. We are all family, so I like to get to know the people I help and using our names takes a bit of the edge of formality away. What is it what you do on the station, Brieth?"

"Welcome back," Vannor says at hearing this. "I'm glad you're acclimatising. I can't make as many trips to Bajor as I'd like since I was assigned here, but the gardens there are beautiful. I wish I could get there more often." She takes a moment to glance away from Sarish at someone whose voice is rising in annoyance above the background chatter, but the upset doesn't continue and she leaves it be to look back at the Ranjen. "I'm Chief of Security here," she tells him. "Just keeping the peace--more or less." A half-smile. "I hope I'm not keeping you from being somewhere," she adds, "but I'm glad to see you here."

"I am glad to be here," Anjar says in reply, also casting a glance down the promenade at the noise that fiddled out before any real excitement could happen. "I'm sure there is much we can learn from each other about life aboard a space station and the Way of the Prophets."

"I'm always open to new insights about the Way of the Prophets," is Vannor's response. She casts a glance at the entrance to the Temple though, a frown wrinkling her brow for a moment. It's the look of a person who has just remembered something inconvenient they were hoping they wouldn't remember. To avoid it, she asks Sarish: "What originally brought you to the station? It's quite a jump from the shrines on Bajor."

"Just like everyone, I'm looking for answers," Anjar says with a glimmer in his eye. "My search for those answers will take me out of my comfort zone, I accepted that fact a long time ago. I know that the Prophets have a path for me. It won't be easy or comfortable, but it will be worth it."

The words Sarish is saying are making Vannor think; she idly rubs one hand across the right side of her neck, not seeming to realise it, as she mulls this over. She smiles slowly at him. The slight tension hasn't gone out of her, but the smile isn't in the least forced. "I think a lot of people could do with thinking that way," she tells him. She steps forward. "Ranjen, it was a pleasure to get the chance and talk with you," she says. "And I hope things continue to go well on the station. But I should be going; I still have reports to complete." She nods to him. "May the Prophets go with you."

"And also with you," Anjar says as he watches the Bajoran steps away. He nods ever so slightly to himself. Yes, coming to the station was a good decision.

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