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Roian Pryus
Character Overview
Rank: BDFM-O-4.png
Title: Second Officer, Chief Operations Officer
Starbase Chandali
Status: Retired
Race: Betazoid
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: 8/31/2393
Place of Birth: Bajor
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Defense Force
Parents: Koral Los
Torrin Edine-Los [Deceased]
Siblings: Ria Los
Spouse: Kailyn Pryus
Children: Voced Zaja, Torrin
OOC Information
Played By:

Major Pryus is a serving Bajoran Defense Force officer in the Militia branch. Currently he is assigned as Chief Operations Officer and Second Officer aboard Starbase Chandali.


Roian is of the Los Household of Betazed, located in the Iscander Province and is married to Kailyn Pryus. The Los familial has a rich history of political, ambassadorial, diplomatic and military services to Betazed and the Galaxy Alliance. Roian Los has served both Starfleet and Bajoran Defense Force. He served 5 years with Starfleet Marines and regular Starfleet; From 2411 to 2416. He served 5 years at the Bajoran Defense Academy; from 2418-2424. After the Academy, Los served 1 year aboard Deep Space Nine; 2424-2425. He was relieved due to medical reasons for 1 year; 2425-2426. He would serve 3 years in the diplomatic security; 2426-2429. He would go on to serve another 2 years on the USS Wethesa; 2429-2431. He went on to retire in 2431. He came back in 2437 and is currently serving aboard Deep Space Nine.

Roian Los-Pryus complete biography can be found here.

Service Jacket

After his five years of service with the Starfleet Marines and regular Starfleet, Los joined the Bajoran Defense Force Milita branch. Due to time in service with Starfleet, he was able to skip basic training and was granted permission to go to the Bajoran Defense Academy for Officer training and earn a Bachelors degree in Engineering.

Starfleet Jacket

Starfleet Marines

  • 2410 SFMC E-.png Stardate: 088439.90: Marine Bootcamp
  • 2410 SFMC E-.png Stardate: 088693.21: Graduates from Boot camp
  • 2410 SFMC E-.png Stardate: 088693.21: Placed in Marine Expeditionary Forces
  • 2410 SFMC E-.png Stardate: 088026.48: Transferred to Special Forces
  • 2410 SFMC E-.png Stardate: 089890.82: Tour 1 - USS Washington
  • 2410 SFMC E-2.png Stardate: 090415.53: Promoted to Private First Class
  • 2410 SFMC E-2.png Stardate: 091001.83: Transferred to Explosive Ordnance Disposal division
  • 2410 SFMC E-2.png Stardate: 091001.83: Tour 2 - Bajor
  • 2410 SFMC E-3.png Stardate: 092582.65: Promoted to Lance Corporal
  • 2410 SFMC E-3.png Stardate: 092906.68: Medical Leave resulting in EOD accident
  • 2410 SFMC E-3.png Stardate: 093000.00: Starfleet disbands Marines


  • 2410 SFMC E-3.png Stardate: 093000.00: Transferred to Starfleet Regular
  • 2410 SFMC E-3.png Stardate: 093999.09: Tenures from starfleet

Starfleet Medical

  • Stardate 092906.68: Injury:    - EOD accident which claims his sight
  • Stardate 093488.16: Surgery:   - Ocular implants and begins training
  • Stardate 093499.49: Rehab:     - Starts ocular rehabilitation
  • Stardate 094330.59: Rehab:     - Finishes ocular rehabilitation

Starfleet Medals and Decorations

Combat Action Ribbon Good Conduct Medal
Row 1 Combat Action Ribbon | Good Conduct Medal

Bajoran Defense Force Jacket

Bajoran Defense Academy

  • BDFM-O-1.png Stardate 095582.76: ENROLLED:   - Defense Force Academy
  • BDFM-O-1.png Stardate 095582.76: COMISSION:  - 2nd Lieutenant
  • BDFM-O-1.png Stardate 100999.77: GRADUATION: - Defense Force Academy

Bajoran Defense Militia

  • BDFM-O-2.png Stardate 100999.77: PROMOTION:  - Lieutenant
  • BDFM-O-2.png Stardate 101347.46: TRANSFER:   - Deep Space Nine
  • BDFM-O-2.png Stardate 101354.25: ASSIGNMENT: - Engineering
  • BDFM-O-2.png Stardate 101506.39: ASSIGNMENT: - Operations
  • BDFM-O-2.png Stardate 101539.95: POSITION:   - Quartermaster
  • BDFM-O-2.png Stardate 102170.55: MEDICAL:    - Medical Leave, Classified
  • BDFM-O-2.png Stardate 103250.23: TRANSFER:   - Diplomatic Security Division
  • BDFM-O-2.png Stardate 103250.23: ASSIGNMENT: - Gia Win Security Detail
  • BDFM-O-2.png Stardate 107301.37: TRANSFER:   - USS Wethesa
  • BDFM-O-2.png Stardate 107301.37: ASSIGNMENT: - Operations
  • BDFM-O-2.png Stardate 108299.43: TRANSFER:   - BDF Command Compound, Jalanda City, Bajor
    BDF Banner.png Stardate 108330.48: RETIREMENT
Stardate 114916.78: REINSTATEMENT

Defense Force Medical

Deep Space Nine 2424-2425
  • Stardate 102329.51: Advisory:  - Doctor Carey: Recommend to be relieved of duties
  • Stardate 102332.08: Advisory:  - Medical Leave; Classified

Deep Space Nine 2438-2439
  • Stardate 115289.30: Physical:  - Doctor Adrinon: Fit for duty

SBR Astraeus
  • Stardate 116207.85: Injury:    - Sparring incident; Ocular implants fail
  • Stardate 116221.68: Surgery:   - Ocular implant replacement
  • Stardate 116241.42: Clearance: - Doctor Senka: Cleared for active duty
  • Stardate 116548.79: Physical:  - Doctor Tira: Fit for Duty with advisory
  • Stardate 116548.79: Advisory:  - Doctor Tira: Monitoring due to increase psilosynine levels

Defense Force Medals and Awards

Medal of Gratitude Medal of Militia Service Ribbon for Alliance Service
Row 1 The Medal of Gratitude | Medal of Militia Service | Ribbon for Alliance Service

OOC Notations


"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life." - Picard
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" - JFK

Theme Song

Stand My Ground - (Within Temptation)

Sound Track

I won't Back Down - (Tom Petty)
Stand Your Ground - (Joe King)
Re-Education - (Rise Against)
Blow Me Away - (Breaking Benjamin)
Until the End - (Breaking Benjamin)
Warriors of the World United - (Manowar)

Logs and Episodes



RP Logs of 2430 (Expand for Logs)


RP Logs of 2437 (Expand for Logs)


RP Logs of 2440 (Expand for Logs)


RP Logs of 2442 (Expand for Logs)


Trails and Tribulations of Guardianship

On going Arc of Roian Los raising Voced Zaja on Deep Space Nine. Roian learns the true meaning of being a parent and guardian to a unwilling child. Through difficulties and patience, Roian attempts to bond and understand the trouble Bajoran child. However, it doesn't always go the way he expects. (Expand for Logs)


The theif on Deep Space Nine

Roian Los is task to find a thief aboard the station. As his investigation comes to a close, the answers he seeks is what he expects and leads him to make a important decision for the future of a child. (Expand for logs)

Paradan Incident

The Opaka Sulan is attacked in the Gamma Quadrant by the Paradan people. They claimed the ship attacked an outpost belonging to their government. Roian Los is assigned to the mission to investigate the incident. On his arrival back to Deep Space Nine, he takes over as the lead investigator. His mission, to clear the Opaka Sulan of wrong doing, repair the relationship of between Bajor and Parada, and bring those responsible to justice.. (Expand for Logs)

Bathroom Toilet Bombing

On stardate 116026.76, a public restroom toilet was bombed. The logs follow the investigation into the bombing and the aftermath of poor communication by Captain Los. (Expand for Logs)

The Voles of SBR Astraeus

Four voles escaped from a shipping container that was brought aboard for resupply. These are the logs of the four voles and the crew members attempting to wrangle them in. (Expand for Logs)

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