Lucky Be a Lady (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
12 February 2017
Chief Engineer's Office [USS ShiKahr NCC-73402]
Positioned close to the lower engineering space is the office of the Chief Engineer. Not an overly spacious compartment, it does provide a desk and a few chairs. One of the chairs is a low-back rolling chair designed for ease of movement versus comfort. A row of monitors line one of the interior bulkheads, granting the chief a birdseye view of the major components of the starship. While the connecting bulkhead includes a workbench and computer console.

Jev looks at Ito, sizing her up. He shifts his gaze to Black. "She cool?" he asks with a small quirk of the brow.

"... No idea, are you doing anything fun tonight?" Black asks Jev, while he leans against the side of the door, with a cigar between his lips, lit. He's off-duty, in an official sense, so he's smoking, why not?

Ito comes walking in behind Black a bottle of wine in her hands, a nice big bottle of wine and three glasses. If more people turn up they can replicate more. She ducks past Black and sits on Jev's desk. "You know those things will kill you." she comments.

Jev looks at Ito, sizing her up. He shifts his gaze to Black. "She cool?" he asks with a small quirk of the brow.

Black holds up a hand and makes a motion, "She's cool," he states, then he adds, "Besides, she brought the wine." The man moves to find a seat, and puts out the cigar, looking to Ito, "Yes, I'm aware, but Federation medicine is amazing these days," he opines.

Ito gives Jev a raised eyebrow at her mention of Cool. "I invented Cool, and besides I know what you guys get up too. Like Ezran said what he don't know don't hurt, so what you doing?" she just frowns at Black, glad he's snuffed it out. "Don't let Prudome see you, he loves to lecture.

Jev nods and stands slowly. "Let's go...bring the wine."

Dorsal Nacelle Junction [USS ShiKahr NCC-73402]
A collection of bare deck plating and minimal lighting. This is a decent sized room which appears to originally been intended to house some equipment that appears to have been phased out of the final design. What is left is a reasonable sized space which for the moment has been appropriated as kind of a hidden Engineering break room. A few seating areas, some chairs, and a viewscreen rigged to show the view a port hole normally would.

Half the impulse engineering crew is here, divided into groups. Some play cards. Others are just chatting. There's a small dice game over where Cromwell is, and that is where Jev heads to.

Ito raises an eyebrow at Black, as if to say you've been holding out on me, she the follows Jev, calling out to Cromwell. "Hey Cromwell, about the other nights I totally didn't see you creeping out of Janis's quarters, I mean the guy looked just like you."

Black steps in, and grins aside to Ito, "Engineers, you never know what you're gonna get with them," he tells her, then he moves to where Jev is headed and Cromwell is set up, taking a seat, "Now, let's hope this next trip to the nebula, I don't have to remind people of the /vague/ possibility we are going to have a head-on collision if we just sit around."

Cromwell grins at Ito, "Hey Chief! She's alright!" He asks Black, "She with you, hot shot? Here. Take the dice." Cromwell shoves two six sided dice at Black's chest.

Jev just crosses his arms and leans against the wall, "What's the buy-in tonight Cromie?"

Black takes the two dice in his hand and shakes them up, "Alright, we playing for keeps?" he asks. He gives a nod to Cromwell, "She's with me today," he states, as if dispeling possible rumors and stating 'hey she's cool'. He then takes out his latinum fold, and listens to Jev and the man, hearing the buy-in.

Ito gives Black a mock dirty look, and says, "I am not with him tonight." she then placed her own credit chip on the table and grins. "I'm more then happy to take your money off you Cromwell." she gives him a tootsie grin, which ends with a snap of her teeth.

"Alright!" grins the old Terran. Cromwell gives a wink to Ito, "You know how to play sweetheart? Buy-in is 5 creds. Place 'em now for pass or don't." He slaps 5 credits on a don't pass sticker, looks to Jev.

Jev says, "You know...I left my wallet in my other pants. Can you spot my first buy-in Cromie?" The old man curses and tosses 5 on pass for Jev. Jev nods, "I think the kid will do it."

Black takes a moment and pulls out a latinum stick, "Five on the line," he offers to Cromwell, having that broken up, and put down, he then takes a moment to shake his dice, and lets them loose, with a snap of his fingers afterwards.

Black rolls a twelve-sided die. Result: 6

Ito grins at Cromwell, wrinkling her nose at him playfully, then pours herself a glass of wine and sits on the table. "At Keats you have your clothes on this time."

Cromwell curses when Black rolls a 6, and tosses his 5 into the pot. "Point is six." He explains for Ito. "He needs to roll another 6 to win. 7 loses."

Jev makes a popping noise with his mouth and grins. "Let's go Blacky! Hit that six!"

Black takes a moment and picks the dice back up, he then shakes them, and tosses them down while he makes a motion, "Come on!"

Black rolls a twelve-sided die. Result: 2

Ito wrinkles her nose and tried to follow what's going on, she's acting all cool though like this is her nightly game.

"It don't mean nuthin'." Cromwell explains, reading Ito like a book. "Kid gets to rolls again. You can make another bet if you like though."

Jev crouches down and leans his back against the wall, "Come on Black! You better not hit that seven!"

Black takes a moment to roll the dice into his hands, then he shakes them for another roll with a snap of his fingers.

Black rolls a twelve-sided die. Result: 9

Ito places down another bet, her parents are loaded if she needs money she'll just ask them. "Okay, I'll take another shot." she says downing her glass of wine, the woman appears to be slightly tipsy like she's already had a few glasses.

"You gunna hog the hooch, sweetheart?" Cromwell grins.

Jev says, "I want some too Ensign - and don't be stingy either. As a matter of fact, just toss the glasses and pass that bottle around."

Black reaches for his own, and pours it, then he takes a sip, before he reaches to pull the dice in, and shakes them up, before he lets them loose once more. "Come on," he states, while he drains back some more of the wine.

Black rolls a twelve-sided die. Result: 11

Ito shrugs her shoulders and passes the wine around. "Myself and Derek already had a few glasses." she comments then offers it to the old Terran guy. "So do I roll or what?"

Cromwell greedily swipes at the bottle and puts his whole mouth on it in a greedy swill. He wipes his mouth with his sleeve, "Patience love. Son here needs to hit that six or a sev." He passes the bottle to Jev.

Jev delicately uses his sleeve to wipe around the bottle's opening. Then he inspects for any remaining saliva from the old man. He takes a healthy sip. Keeps the bottle. "We ain't got all night Black."

Black reaches down to take up the dice, and then he rolls them down.

Black rolls a six-sided die. Result: 5
Black rolls a six-sided die. Result: 5

Ito watches in trying to figure out when and why Black gets to roll the dice, she holds out her hand for. the bottle waiting for it to be handed back.

"Sorry kid. Your loss." Cromwell scoops up the pot as Black fails to pass in three rolls. He snatches the dice and offers them to Ito, "Wanna go sugarcakes?"

Jev sighs and shakes his head. He takes another swig from the bottle. "Spot another 5, Cromie?"

Black leans back and takes a sip of his wine, while he looks to the three and just relaxes for the time being. He seems to be at ease over the game.

Ito rolls her eyes at the pet name and takes the dice. "What do I have to get then?" she asks looking from one or the other.

Ito rolls a six-sided die. Result: 4
Ito rolls a six-sided die. Result: 5

Cromwell throws 5 in the pass lane. "Beginner's luck. Point is 9." He places another 5 in for Jev.

Jev gives Cromwell the thumbs up, and explains to Ito, "You want to hit another 9 in three rolls or less. Seven also loses."

Black continues to watch while he sips his wine.

Ito ohs and nods her head, she picks up nice rolls them in her hands and throws again. "Seems simple enough."

Ito rolls a six-sided die. Result: 5
Ito rolls a six-sided die. Result: 4

Cromwell cheers, "Well we have a winner!" He divvies up the pot and pays it out. "You keep the dice sweetness. See if you can do that again." He tosses a 5 against Ito.

Jev is almost finishing off the bottle. He waves off Cromwell asking him if he needs to borrow more money.

Black takes a latinum piece and places it down on the Pass Line, while he watches the game continue. He doesn't have much commentary, he seems focused upon winning. Fortunately this is a game of chance. If it was poker, having a betazoid around would make this much harder.

Ito grins when she wins the pot. "Sweet, it'll make up for the wine, Jev just drank." she tells him, throwing the dice again.

Ito rolls a six-sided die. Result: 1
Ito rolls a six-sided die. Result: 4

"A five." Cromwell passively mentions. "Watch out for the Chief. He'll drink you under the table." He grins at Black, "You know what I mean?"

Jev frowns, "Oh! How rude of me! Here, sorry." Jev places the near empty bottle near Ito.

Black reaches for a latinum piece, and then attempts to aim it right at Cromwell with a firm toss, "Oh, hush it," he states, with a grumble, while he watches the dice.

Ito takes the bottle back from Jev, looks into the end and sighs. "I knew I shouldn't have brought it."

Ito rolls a six-sided die. Result: 3
Ito rolls a six-sided die. Result: 3
Ito rolls a six-sided die. Result: 6
Ito rolls a six-sided die. Result: 3
Ito rolls a six-sided die. Result: 2
Ito rolls a six-sided die. Result: 5

Cromwell shrugs and shoves the pot over to Jev. "Too bad honeycheeks. You're up Chief."

Jev reaches over and takes the dice. "If anyone bets craps, I will make you clean the plasma conduits!"

Black pushes up after a bit, and stretches. "I'm out," he calls, while he smooths out his uniform. He then moves towards the turbolift, "Need to catch some sleep," he offers Ito, Cromwell, and Jev.

Ito gives Black a wave and a nod. "I won't be long to bed myself, I'm kinda tired. Been a busy day."

Cromwell shrugs, "Night night Black. Good night darling."

Ito gives Cromwell a grin. "I'll be back again, if I remember the way." Of course she will, she knows this ship inside out, or so she thought.

Jev stands and tosses the dice just for fun. He's observably bummed that his company is leaving.

Jev rolls a six-sided die. Result: 2
Jev rolls a six-sided die. Result: 2

"It's okay Chief. You always got me." Cromwell says, before smacking Jev with a dirty engineer's rag and walking away with the cash.

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