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Rank: Captain 2410 SF O-6.png
Title: Commanding Officer, Spacedock
Race: Caitian
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starbase Operations)

M'hrr is a Starfleet Captain currently assigned to Spacedock as Commanding Officer. He has eight kits with his late bondmate, R'hli, and most of his family currently resides on Ferasa.


As Rea and Sura pathed along the Ferasan sky one evening in 2363, the cries of two kits joined the simple symphony of life for the first time. M'hrr, and a few minutes later, his sister, M'yss, were born healthy and happy into their peaceful home.

They were as inseparable as siblings can be, and despite the year of their birth, they were blissfully unaware of the troubles the world around them spoke of. Whispers of the Borg during their formidable years lost to wild fantasies and the odd game of tag. To a child, the monsters under his bed are more real than a alien threat lightyears away. Even the procession of bodies of aunts, uncles, cousins, his extended family shrinking in the name of some new government didn't fully phase him until their days at the local youth academy. In his studies, when M'hrr and M'yss learned of the war and its aftermath, questions were asked of their Pride, and were answered.

While it didn't spark an immediate need to join Starfleet, the young Caits did find themselves preoccupied with native martial arts, learning defensive and offensive techniques. Despite being a peaceful people, they felt the need to protect themselves. M'hrr was taught in the art of the R'rau and Toro Nai'hi, while his sister specialized in the more artistic Ko'ti A'te. They knew their blades well by the time they had their Claw Oath.

The boy was inordinarily quiet and thoughtful, a stark contrast to his louder more jovial and impulsive sister. Perhaps it was his martial training bleeding into the rest of his life. Or perhaps he was simply more serious in nature. His words were simple and precise, every motion as though it had a purpose. Hers were exaggerated and colorful, a wild yet graceful quality in everything she did. As such it often seemed like he lived in her shadow and since he just simply wasn't as social as the rest of the youth. He had only a few really good friends.

M'hrr seemed content with being known simply as M'yss' brother until she made the decision to apply to Starfleet Academy. He would follow suit, but it would be in the academy that M'hrr would start to come into his own and develop a bit of a friendly rivalry, in standard sibling fashion, with his barely-younger wombmate. The Breen War began, forcing a greater recruitment effort on member worlds, including their own. Both were accepted into Starfleet Academy in 2381.

Starfleet Academy itself was a mess. The Breen attack on Jalanda Province a few months prior to their arrival left many areas of the city as well as the Academy in shambles. Reconstruction efforts were in full swing when the latest recruits arrived. Thus the two Caitians found themselves with clean-up duty interspersed with their classes. The results of war were finally in their backyard.

The first year was a culture shock, new life and new civilizations, well new to them at least. Surrounded by various races they had never imagined before, and far too far from their native home, it took a bit but as they adjusted. His sister took a liking to linguistics and changed her major to communication. M'hrr, in study sessions with fellow strategic operations and tactical class cadets, was introduced to strategy games and miniatures.

M'hrr did exceedingly well in his classes, specializing in defensive strategy, even gaining a certain amount of notoriety after taking the Kobayashi Maru scenario. Not only was he given an award for original thinking, but he also held off the loss of his ship and the Kobayashi Maru for several minutes longer than his fellow cadets, setting a record in his class.

M'yss graduated Starfleet Academy in 2385 and was commissioned as an Ensign and assigned as the Operations officer on a exploration based frigate. It left M'hrr at the Academy for two more years as he completed his Master's degree in command and strategic operations.

Graduating in 2387 amidst the Freedom War and Alliance-wide martial law, and commissioned as a Lieutenant (Junior Grade), he was assigned as a tactical officer onboard a border patrol-based heavy cruiser. The ship was stationed away from most of the Alliance Defense Force action, something he would only truly come to appreciate later when he discovered his sister has joined the ADF, patrolling the border to the Rihannsu Neutral Zone, with Starbase 123 as homeport.

As the war rolled on, the ship he was stationed on was called to Bajor sector, where they assisted in the defense of Starbase 902 during the ADF incursion in 2389. An effort that would prove to be in vain, as 902 was destroyed, and Starfleet Academy, the poor battered place where he had studied at just a couple years prior, was left in even worse shape than before. The ship remained in system to provide relief following the ADF and civilian attacks, even as incidents continued at Spacedock.

When word spread about the true nature of the Alliance Defense Force and Admiral Ritter, M'hrr, like many is the so-called Loyalists, found that he had previously been completely in the dark about what was truly going on leaving him more than a little disillusioned as to what his uniform stood for. Thus upon word of the war being over, and ADF officers were being reintegrated into the Fleet, M'hrr more than happy to accept his promotion to Lieutenant and a assignment back at the Academy at Bajor to act as a strategic command instructor. Where he could perhaps in some small way help ensure such a thing would never happen again. And perhaps to reclaim a bit of his own tarnished honor he spent much of his free time helping clean up and rebuild.

In 2393, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned away from the Academy, once again to fill a seat in border patrol. It was another heavy cruiser, but this time, in the role of Executive Officer. He would hold the role of peacetime XO for just over three years, when in 2396 he was tapped to take command of a Saber class vessel.

With the Borg starting their attacks once more, his first command would prove to be a trial under fire. Not even a year past before his ship was ordered down to Ferasa to fight against an attempted invasion of his homeworld. His ship would join the twenty-four others that formed the fleet that fought against the cube there. Where he gained some note for his strategic and tactical support of the fleet as it chased down the cube and eventually destroyed it before it could take more innocent lives from Ferasa.

The next few years were relatively quiet aside from a few pirate attacks, the occasional lost or stranded ship. Until the Tzenkethi War began, pulling his ship from its patrols near the Tholian border up towards the Bajor system after La Forge Memorial Shipyards was engulfed in the expanding borders of the lizard race and destroyed. M'hrr and his crew joined the Starfleet First Tactical Fleet and assisted in the battle against the Tzenkethi. They survived the incident relatively intact, but hull ruptures in key locations left the ship requiring repairs.

In 2399, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and placed back with the Academy at Spacedock, as Senior Instructor in Strategic Command. He served there for five years, working between the Academy offices on Earth and Spacedock, and the training ships assigned to the Academy. While he was a strict instructor, he had received commendations on the success of each class in terms of scores and placement.

It was while he was an instructor the second time that he met up with M'yss again, who had found her way to Starfleet Command via her Communications path, now a Commander with a bondmate and a pair of kits. During off-hours, they would catch up, over dinner or a spar. Also during this time, M'hrr also found the love of his life, and his first pair of kits were born in 2405.

After completing his time as a Senior Instructor in 2405, M'hrr was reassigned as Commanding Officer of an Excelsior class ship, set for patrol of the Qo'noS sector, the construction there on the replacement of Starbase 427, and the trade routes between Qo'noS and Fo'char Fuel Station. He was promoted in 2407, keeping command of his present ship until 2412. As his vessel was placed under drydock for necessary upgrades, he was granted command of the Akagi-class USS Yorktown. As of 2412, his wombmate M'yss is second in charge of Ferasan Sector Command as a Commodore.



  • Freedom War Ribbon
  • Gamma Quadrant Exploration Ribbon
  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Letter of Commendation (**)
  • Security Certification
  • Starfleet Academy Faculty Member
  • Tractor Beam Certification
  • Tzenkethi War Ribbon
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Weapons Certification
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