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Character Overview
Rank: 2410 SF O-2.png
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Title: Acting Chief Engineer
USS T'Paal NCC-73403
Status: Alive
Race: Caitian
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: Aug 23, 2421
Place of Birth: Ferasa
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet
Starfleet Border Patrol
Parents: S'sahn, M'ahr
Siblings: R'saal
Spouse: none
Children: None
OOC Information
Played By: none

Lieutenant (JG) M'ku is a serving Starfleet officer in Starfleet Border Patrol and assigned to USS T'Paal NCC-73403 as Acting Chief Engineer.


M'ku was born to a loving household in 2021. Her brother grew up to manage the family farm and tending to the various herds that he came to take over from an aging father. While not wealthy, her family was is well respected as a provider for the community. With a decent-sized farm, M'ku had several choices in career, though Starfleet always seemed a bit too far out of her league. Starfleet was 'someone else' and 'somewhere else', having little to do with raising livestock.

M'ku finally decided to follow her mother's path and joined the Order of Light. The Order is a small monastic order that hosts small temples all across Ferasa. Local villages will often send adolescent kits to join the order, and in turn the local temple offers services and assistance to the local communities. The local communities then take it upon themselves to offer food and services to the order and the temple is sustained by the local community alone.

The main tenet of the Order of Light involves discovering the Light of truth by asking questions and listening closely to not only the answers, but the voice behind them. Truth can be perceived subjectively, and one may discover a truth accidentally and not know its significance. Therefore, truth in an answer may involve a realization of the speaker, devoid from the facts themselves, but may offer a key piece of the puzzle that is the universe itself. Her order believes that truth is given out in small doses across the entire expanse of existence, and it is the task of their order to gather those bits and perhaps get a chance to walk beside those that came to that realization.

While very limited in her knowledge of the world outside the Temple, she excelled in studies of various philosophies and had an amazing talent as the physical forms and katas their order used to keep the body in shape, as well as protect the poor student who may find themselves asking the wrong questions of the wrong people. Her studies were mostly Caitian philosophy and the studies of how the universe itself can teach the Great Mother herself new things.

M'ku is a pilgrim. She is always a little bit lost, and feels she is wandering in a world not her own, following a different set of ideals, but still marvelous in its own unique beauty. Warts and All, the conflict with the Dominion is relegated to a 'family squabble' in her mind. She approaches the dispute as an outsider, respecting the opinions of all while struggling. The battle isn't her own, but she can respect it.

Guided by omens of wide and varied sources, M'ku has struck out to ask her questions of the universe and to follow where those questions and the omens point her. The first place seemed to be Starfleet Academy. They spoke of Service, challenging your talents, and working hard to help others. Like the villages near her temple, M'ku couldn't refuse if there was any chance she could be of use.

A little lost and a lot confused, she managed to do reasonably well in Engineering. The mysteries of the universe seemed a lot simpler when given numbers, laws, and relativistic calculaic probability matrices. It never spoiled the mystery. It just gave her new names for what was already there. With that, she struck out to begin her next adventure and sought assignment to her first position.

Service Record


Certifications and Citations

  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Engineering Repair Certification
  • Engineering System Certification
  • Restricted Line Officer

Awards and Decorations

Meritorious Service Medal
Row 1 Meritorious Service Medal


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