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M'rus as a young kit
Title: Senator for Ferasa
Race: Caitian
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance

Galaxy Alliance Diplomatic Service
Title: Caitian Delegation Aide (later Advisor) (2379-2386)

Alliance Defense Fleet
Title: Diplomatic liason (2386-2389)

Galaxy Alliance Diplomatic Service
Title: Third (later Second) Secretary at the Chrysallian Mission (2389-2391); GA-Chrysallian Trade Liason (2391-2393); Advisor, Romulan Office (2393-2396_

Senator M'rus PhD is senator for Ferasa in the Galaxy Alliance High Council, having previously been a member of the Galaxy Alliance Diplomatic Service.


M'rus was born in 2357 to R'ren and her bondmate S'shal on Ferasa as part of their first litter. Both of his parents were educators in the Caitian system; his mother, R'ren, taught young kits while his father taught history at a Caitian university. Though smaller than many of his age, M'rus joined in the hustle and bustle of kit life, spending a lot of his time with R'shu, his wombmate. He progressed into education under his mother and moved forward through the years, taking his Claw Oath. While his wombmate showed an aptitude for the sciences and medicine, M'rus followed his father's interest in history. M'rus entered university to study history and politics, specialising in Terran history which had increased in popularity since the borg invasion of 9 years before.

His bondmate studied medicine and so graduated at the same time as M'rus left his post graduate studies in 20th Century Terran History, under professor S'sin of the Ferasan Institute for Historical Studies. It was upon his graduation that his sister announced what she had spoken to M'rus of many times, her desire to enter Starfleet. With his wombmate leaving the homeworld and with an increasing belief in the need for strong Caitian presence within the Galaxy Alliance, M'rus applied to and entered the Galaxy Alliance diplomatic service, serving initially as an aide and junior liaison for the Caitian delegation to the Galaxy Alliance, later rising to become an advisor. It was while visiting his wombmate on a brief sojourn from his duties that Admiral Ritter bombarded Qo'noS, killing many of his colleagues and the Caitian councillor.

His wombmate was serving at the time as a doctor with the Beerax Fleet and so M'rus found himself in a now rogue Starfleet group. Not wanting to leave his wombmate in the chaos and with Ritter's moves against the government system M'rus held dear, he spent the civil war working as a minor functionary in the rebel government, working in their diplomatic corps to help secure supplies and try to win parties over to their side. It was as thanks for this service that he was retained after the civil war as a member of the reconstituted Galaxy Alliance Government's diplomatic service. Sent as a third, and later second, secretary to the Chrysallian mission though the mission interacted entirely with intermediaries of the Chrysallians. He was recalled from those duties in 2391 when the Chrysallian government declared martial law to consult with the Galaxy Alliance state department. He was not sent back to the GA mission and instead took up a post as liaison with the Chrysallian mission to the Galaxy Alliance on Spacedock, where he worked on trade links between the two powers.

It was while serving in this role that M'rus completed his correspondence doctorate with the Ferasan Institute, attaining a doctorate in Interstellar Relations with a thesis looking at the diplomatic contributions of Starfleet in the mid 24th Century. During the period of detente between the Galaxy Alliance and the RSE in 2393, M'rus was seconded to the Romulan office of the Galaxy Alliance's diplomatic service, monitoring events in the RSE as best they could and sending reports and recommendations up the chain. This duty ended in 2394 as he was once again transferred. With the aging Caitian Senator requiring more help, M'rus was appointed as a liaison for him, permitting the senator to do more from Ferasa itself so he could spend his twilight years with his family as much as possible. In early 2396 the Senator passed away in his sleep and M'rus was put forward as a possible replacement, eventually gaining the appointment in July 2396.

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