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In order to play Where No One Has Gone Before, you can use a number of methods to connect, including raw telnet.

However, due to the amount of information that the game throws at a player, we do not recommend using raw telnet to play WNOHGB. We have compiled a list of MUD Clients for your use, depending on the operating system you're using.



  • GGMud - Free. Java-based.
  • Java Bean MUD Client - Free. Java-based. No longer being maintained.
  • Lyntin - Free. Python-based.
  • tinyfugue - Free, but not recently maintained (2007). Not for novice computer users, all command-line interface, no GUI. Used by many WNO players.
  • TinTin++ - Free. Java-based, runs on any OS (OS X, Windows, Unix). Requires base program, not for novice computer users.
  • TMC Flash Client - Free, browser-based.
  • Potato - Runs on WinXP, Vista, 7, and 8; Linux, and Mac OS X, as well as Raspberry Pi. Freeware. An Android version is planned for the future. Designed and maintained by Mike(@PennMUSH) Griffiths. (For help/questions, see Connor) [Features]

Mobile Device


  • AndroMUD - Free. Last updated April 2010.
  • BlowTorch - Free. Last updated July 2011.
  • Mukluk - Free. Last updated August 2013.


NOTE: Below links are from the US iTunes store. For other locales, please use your region's iTunes search to locate available apps.

Unix (Linux/BSD/System V)

Mac OS X


  • MUSHClient - Free. WNO Wizards Bowman and Washu were early contributors to this project.
  • Portal - Shareware, $20. 32 and 64-bit versions available.
  • Pueblo/UE - Free/Open Source, no longer maintained.
  • SMud - Free, no longer maintained. Not recommended for XP/Vista/7 users.
  • SimpleMU - Crippleware, $20. No longer being maintained. Not recommended for purchase due to lack of response from the publisher.
  • ZMud/CMUD - Trialware (30 days), $35 (ZMud), $30 (CMUD), $40 (CMUD Pro). Recommend CMUD for Windows 7/Vista users, ZMud for older Windows versions.

Clients with Known Issues

  • Ashavar's Legacy - Free.
    • Ashavar's Legacy is not a VT100-compatible client and seems to have been built specifically for the Ashavar's Legacy MUD. Use at your own risk.

Client Sound Triggers

If you'd like to make your gaming experience a little fuller with the use of triggered sound effects, see the following links:

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