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C.J. Maguire
Affiliation: Starfleet
Starbase Operations
Rank: Lieutenant (jg)
Callsign: Undetermined
Race: Half-Terran/Half-Betazoid
Gender: Male



Casey Jason "CJ" Maguire was born 2401 on Spacedock to Jason Xavier Reed-Maguire and Casey Maguire-Reed, a pair of Starfleet officers who never failed to confuse the hell out of people with their odd nomenclature. CJ led a rare life of a child of two Starfleet officers. With his mother assigned to the Bureau of Personnel and his father retired from politics after a short time as the Senator representing Earth, both of his parents remained a constant and consistent influence in his life, with his father handling the day-to-day tasks of raising a child and having a dinner on the table before his mom got home.

CJ's childhood was filled with plenty of schoolwork, but his father and mother also saw to it that he saw as much real, actual dirt as they could. He alternated summers with his grandparents, sometimes staying on the family farm in Ireland on the planet Earth or taking the trip to the colony world of Tarrot III where his father grew up and learned his trade. CJ's teenage years were the toughest, as the question of would he develop psychic abilities as other Betazoids did was answered. Shortly, he was only ever really able to key in on emotions rather than fully formed thoughts, and this bothered him a great deal as he always had a lingering notion that he isn't as good a representative of his father as a son should be in spite of the elder Maguire's indications to the contrary.

Academics were always a priority in CJ's life, and he spent more time hitting the books than he did with his friends aboard Spacedock. When he was old enough to decide a path for his life, CJ admitted to wanting to follow in his parents footsteps in joining Starfleet. At 18, he had already completed all of the paperwork required for entry. He passed the entry exams and was one of the few his age to be accepted to Starfleet Academy.

Academy life was good to CJ. Home was never too far away, and his parents prepared him well for what would be expected of him in the Academy. He excelled at academics and did very well in extracurriculars like wrestling and track & field. He tried out for, and was accepted to Nova Squadron, the aerobatics demonstration team of Starfleet Academy. It was during this time that he saw the most improvement professionally, as the lives of his teammates rested on how well he performed the maneuvers they set out to do. Scholastically, he followed in the footsteps of both of his parents, earning degrees in Astronavigation and Starship Operations, qualifying him to pursue a career in the fields that both of his parents served in during their time in Starfleet.

Upon graduation, he opted to go to flight school rather than go right to the line. He underwent the fourth month long training required to pilot some of the smallest, meanest ships that Starfleet had to offer. He learned his basic maneuvers in trainer craft, qualifying for and then transitioning to some of the hottest fighters the fleet had to offer, the Wasp. He graduated the Academy with his parents and both sets of grandparents in attendance.

Personal History

  • 2410 SFMC E-.png 78611.8 Born on Spacedock, Earth, Sol System

Starfleet Service Record

  • 2410 SF O-1.png 100733.5 Graduation: Starfleet Academy
  • 2410 SF O-1.png 100733.5 Assignment: Helmsman/Operations Officer, USS Excalibur (NCC-90003)
  • 2410 SF O-2.png 101227.0 Promotion: Lieutenant (jg)
  • 2410 SF O-2.png 101343.2 Assignment: Operations Officer/Dockmaster, Deep Space 9
  • 2410 SF O-3.png 102733.8 Promotion: Lieutenant
  • 2410 SF O-3.png 105944.2 Assignment: Chief of Operations/Second Officer, USS Wethesa (NCC-90210)


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