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Casey L. Maguire-Reed
Rank: Lieutenant
Title: Chief Operations Officer/Second Officer, USS Shutsugun (NCC-81410)
Race: Terran
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Exploration Command)



One day before the end of the Borg War, Casey Maguire was born to Christopher and Angela Maguire on Kessik IV, an Alliance Colony planet. As Angela recovered from birthing, the news reached the colony. Smile on their faces, the two happy parents were glad that their children, including their newly born girl, were safe.

Christopher Maguire, along with his large family of six children, ran a successful farm and market in a rural area of land primarily growing root vegetables and tubers for the colony. With the war newly over, business boomed and vegetable export began, now going into trade with local systems. Things were going well for the family.

Casey grew up a curious little child, being the youngest and surrounded by her brothers in her family. As a toddler, she would often escape the play area of the yard to play in the dirt of the rows, as her brothers did. Or so she thought they did. However, before she could uproot the carrots, she was stopped in her tracks by her mother and cleaned up. Eventually, she was able to tend to the farm as her siblings did between school work and chores, joining them in the family business.

The young red-haired girl and her brothers were close. Very close. Nothing could break those six apart. They worked together within the small school, with farm work, homework, and even hung out together on their off-times. If one sibling was feeling down, the others would be there for them. If one sibling was being picked on, the others were there to stand up for them. The second of which happened often within the colony. Children would tease them for their work in agriculture rather than using replicators for their foodstuffs, stating they were behind the times. This didn't seem to affect her brothers, who were bent on continuing the family business, but for Casey, perhaps those children had a point.

In schooling, Casey began to focus on her studies more intently. Mathematics, language, sciences, social studies. More and more, her hours would be spent studying over helping on the farm. Her parents never questioned, however her five older brothers began to worry. They began to inquire about where she pictured herself in the future. She managed a shrug. She really didn't know what she wanted to do with that knowledge other than prove to everyone that she did have a respect for science and technology.

However, in the course of her studies, her grades rapidly improved. An instructor and the school called Casey in after class and spoke with her concerning her future. At this point, the Breen War had passed and the Galaxy Alliance was stuck in martial law. The call had been ringing through for the students of the Alliance to join Starfleet. Her teacher fed her the basic mumbo jumbo on joining and despite the state of the Alliance, she agreed. She went to Bajor to take the first Academy test during her junior year of secondary school despite her age, and true to that, she failed the first round. Invited again to try her senior year, Casey took the test again and was accepted to enroll into Starfleet Academy.

Taken by surprise, Casey didn't know whether or not she should go for it. What had started from wanting to learn for the heck of it was now her giving up on her chance to continue in the family business. Her parents remained supportive, but her siblings continued their criticism over her actions. However, looking inside herself, she decided the best thing for her would be to continue forward. And so she left for Bajor once more.

Service Record



  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Communications Certification
  • Scanner Certification
  • Tractor Beam Certification
  • Transporter Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
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