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Mandukar'us i-Ra'tleihfi tr'Hlaveen
Rank: Fvillha
Title: Head of State
Race: Rihannsu
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire (Civilian)


Mandukar'us is a man who has managed to embody the positive stereotypes of his class and avoid, for the most part, the negative tendencies. Born to a wealthy and politically successful hfihar, Mandukar'us was afforded every opportunity in his upbringing the best tutors, equally well-connected companions and an exposure to the history and culture of the Rihannsu that S'Task would envy. And despite the weight of the expectations placed upon him, young Mandukar'us thrived and quickly found a knack for leadership - the ability to inspire, and more importantly to convince others of his capacity to lead, came naturally to the young man. He acquired a knack for mischief in his youth, yet the devotion of his adherents always saved him from the wrath of his "victims". Yet Mandukar'us understood the dual aspect of loyalty and ensured that his cohorts thrived with him.

As the grandson of the hru'hfirh s'Hlaveen (first child of the third son), his father began grooming him for political office early on. Indeed, this wasn't atypical for a boy of Mandukar'us' class and ability. And yet, despite the likehood of his success in politics, young Mandukar'us felt the same thirst for danger and adventure as most young men his age. So while his enrollment in the Phi'lasasam as soon as he reached legal age enraged his father, the hfihar as a whole could hardly blame him - how many promising young sons had they lost to such fancy?

The Galae suited Mandukar'us quite well. He quickly grasped that being able to follow orders was as important to one's success as being able to dole them out. And while his pedigree certainly helped, the reputation for competence and intelligence that he gained with his senior officers was mostly earned. The journey from Erein to erei'Riov was not a long one as far as norms go, though Mandukar'us at the time would most likely have given a different opinion on the matter.

Mandukar'us' next promotion came via a rare opportunity - a border world revolt in 2325. The Imperial Governor was accused of imposing illegal export tariffs, proceeds of which were not finding their way into imperial coffers and were wrecking the planetary economy. The Rihannsu Stelam Empire not being known for leniency in the face of opposition, insurrections of any kind were always dealt with quickly and ruthlessly. The Riov commanding erei'Riov Mandukar'us' warbird responded accordingly, arriving on scene at the Devron system before any other Galae vessels and promptly commencing "precision" bombardment of isolated insurgent hotbeds. His subsequent transport of troop contingents to Devron for clean up actions, along with his decision to accompany the second wave of these deployments, proved to be his downfall. The earlier orbital bombardment of Devron had been far from precise and several insurgent leaders not only survived, but used the fact that the bombardment killed large numbers of civilians to rile the populace into support of the revolt. The majority of troop landing parties were ambushed by mobs of enraged civilians shortly after deployment. Erei'Riov Mandukar'us acted swiftly: the thinly spread troops were quickly withdrawn from the surface and the sites of the ambushes were thoroughly "scorched" from orbit with no pretense of precision. The erei'Riov then transported to the capital city with a large contingent of Galae troops to confer with the Imperial Governor. To the governor's surprise, the erei'Riov called a planetwide press conference to address the concerns of the populace. Standing beside the governor on live broadcast to millions, Mandukar'us drew his sidearm and summarily executed the governor for crimes against the citizens and Devron and the Empire. The revolt quickly died out - the deaths of Galae officers addressed (thousands perished in Mandukar'us' scorching of ambush sites) and the expectation of swift justice for /all/ reinforced. Mandukar'us became an overnight celebrity among the Galae ranks (many of whom had dreamed of "removing" an incompetent colonial administrator at some point in their careers) and High Command bestowed the rare honor of a double-promotion (after a brief show trial) - Mandukar'us was made a khre'Riov and given command of the sector overseeing Devron.

From that point forward, Mandukar'us' Galae career was that typical of a man with the ability, pedigree and a popular reputation. By 2366, when the Borg thoroughly decimated the Federation fleet at Wolf 359, Mandukar'us was an Enriov and influential member of the High Command. And it his keen combination of strategic and political intelligence that brought him to the conclusion that the Empire must support join the fledgling "Galaxy Alliance" concocted by the klivam - any other course of action would divide the strength of the Alpha and Beta quadrants and lead to Borg victory. Enriov Mandukar'us led the party of GA supporters within the High Command, a group with enough clout to convince the SeiHehllirh (Tricameron) to ratify the GA charter despite the vehement opposition of the ranking khre'Enriov. His devotion to the cause did not go unnoticed - Mandukar'us was chosen to serve as the first Grand Admiral of the newly reconstituted Starfleet, a convenient balance to the Galaxy Alliance's klivam Chancellor.

Mandukar'us' tenure was mostly a successful one. Starfleet was rebuilt, utilizing the resources of each of the great powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. He even managed to earn the respect of Chancellor Gowron and ended up returning the same - their favorable working relationship surprised many. His demand for results and his patronage of those with ability were unquestioned; most notably in one of his earliest encounters with a young Bajoran officer named Ruao Sarjanna. Mandukar'us was so impressed with the brash confidence and unquestionable intelligence of the young officer's challenging the "questionable" orders of a senior Admiral that he allowed himself to be "haggled" into /promoting/ her for said insubordination. An advocate of pouring every resource available into the new technologies needed to defeat the Borg, Mandukar'us ensured that Starfleet R&D's budget was the envy of every other division. And just when his bets were about to pay off, Mandukar'us left the table. The Grand Admiral resigned his commission as the tide turned, retiring just months before final victory against the Borg and returning to life on ch'Rihan.

To many inside the old Empire who felt Mandukar'us had betrayed the Empire and his mnhei'sahe by advocating the cause of the Galaxy Alliance his next move came as a surprise - the retired Galae officer ran for a seat in the Deihuit (Senate) on a platform of secession. The soon-to-be-senator (for his campaign was overwhelmingly successful) argued that just as the Galaxy Alliance had been an absolute necessity in the face of the Borg, it's dissolute was imperative so that the cultures and heritage of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants that it had fought to protect would be preserved. Mnhei'sahe demanded, he argued, that the Rihannsu return to governing themselves, if with a slightly warmer attitude towards their neighbors.

Following the peaceful secession of the Rihannsu Stelam Empire, Senator Mandukar'us found himself thrust into the role of Proconsul, leader of the Deihuit. And that might have been the culmination of his career, were in not for the heinous actions of a group of Offworlder terrorists. The venerable Fvillha tr'Radiak was assasinated and several senators kidnapped (including Mandukar'us) during an unprovoked terrorist attack during ch'Rihan's annual Harvest Festival. Surviving the event, Mandukar'us' impassioned speech to the SeiHehllirh demanding retribution led to his subsequent election as the next Fvillha of the Rihannsu Stelam Empire.

The reign of Mandukar'us as Fvillha was marked by a cultural revival and ongoing efforts to rebuild what was once one of the most admired empires in the known galaxy. Relations with the Galaxy Alliance remained strong, with occasional bouts of tension. The Fvillha stood by the mutual defense pact and sent Galae forces to aid Starfleet during the Breen War. And yet, Mandukar'us' equal emphasis on military and non-military infrastructure spending did not sit well with all a growing number of conservative elements within the SeiHehllirh desired a return to the old days when a dominant Galae that kept the rabble in check was the hallmark of the Empire. So during a tour of the border worlds, when d'Mnhiea Outpost was attacked and the Fvillha was declared among the dead, many began to wonder if the attack was truly the work of Offworlders or the result of dissatisfaction with the Fvillha's policies among some of the more hawkish hfihrnn. Regardless, the administration of newly installed Fvillha tr'Aegis certainly held stark contrasts with those of Fvillha Mandukar'us, seeing a wholesale shift to Galae funding at the expense of all other budgets.

And yet Mandukar'us i-Ra'tleihfi tr'Hlaveen never was one to go down quietly....

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