MarketWatch - Shifting Trends in Beverage Industry; RSE Trade Changes

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IC Date: Thu Nov 17 2405

BAJOR - The first new trade agreement of the Gamma Quadrant between the Dosi and the Bajorans is sending ripples through the beverage industry. Since the announcement of Tulaberry Wine shipments through the wormhole to Deep Space Nine, the Bajoran have been so far unable to meet new demands. In addition to markets on DS9 and Bajor, Tulaberry Wine is now trading at Rator III (RSE) and is expected to be picked up be several more markets before the end of the year.

ALTAIR - Mysterious disruptions in the supply chain for Altairian Purple Water several years ago left Purple fans thirty for the mega-vitamin-packed water. A news release by Altair Management Corporation this morning announces that it has come up with a plan for distribution that will ensure the natural resources viability of Altair XIII, the only known source of Altairian Purple Water, for many more generations. Supplies should be back in commodity markets by the end of the first quarter of 2406. The company was quick to warn that commercial traffic is still restricted in the Altair system.

RATOR - The Rihannsu government is not yet commenting on commerce changes it recently implemented but MarketData, Inc. has confirmed that the RSE has shut down trade at the D'ravsai Trade Platform in the Eisn System. MarketData reports that trade to Eisn is being rerouted to Rator III. Analysts speculate that the somewhat xenophobic nature of the Rihannsu government may be to blame for the shift, though they note that new commerce facilities in the Rator system should boost trade relations for the long run.

MarketWatch is a production of Intergalactic Newswire in collaborating with MarketData, Inc.

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