Mental Chess with a Vulcan? Good Luck (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
25 Jan 2014

Senka enters the upper level of the bar. Approached by a server, he requests a Vulcan omlet,--hold the Krava peppers. Taking a seat near the view ports, he steeples his fingers and appears to wait for his meal.

Remi looks up from gazing over the balcony, "Good Morning." She chirps.

Senka turns to you, a table or two away. "Good morning," he replies. "You are well, Remi?"

Remi turns rests her back against the balustrade, "Yes I am, yourself?" She asks before taking a sip of her Betazoid tea.

Senka looks at the tea in your hand, and in your mind, you sense that he's familiar with it. "Indeed, I am well." He seems serine.

Remi offers a warm smile as she nurses her tea, "Oh, I sent off my loan request. Hopefully I should hear back anytime now, soon I'll be the manager of a galaxy wide store." She seemed excited by the prospect but also a little scared of the responsibility it entailed.

"I am certain," Senka says quietly, "that you will manage your store efficiently and logically."

"Thank you," The young Betazoid curiously looks over his omlet, "You seem to order those a lot, are they your favorite?" She asked gesturing with her head.

"They are well-prepared here," Senka replies adding, "Of course, I am capable of cooking as well."

Remi inclines her head in agreement, "So I've heard." She replies in reference to Emily's comments previously, "So this mysterious Betazoid, that you've learn our language for. You like her don't you?" She changes the subject abruptly it had been playing on her mind and things always seemed to go back to this being so why avoid the topic of conversation when she clearly was intrigued.

Steepling his fingers, Senka considers you. "Logically," he says serenely, "communication is often most effective when conducted in one's native language."

Remi doesn't wait to be invited to sit, she just sits opposite him, "Yes but it's not your native tongue, so it's either to allow more intimate conversations or to make someone feel special, perhaps to tighten a relationship." She continues releasing one hand from her cup and waving it slightly as she speaks softly but firmly as it she was solving a mysterious case of a missing person.

You may pick up on dry amusement from Senka. "Those are," he says, switching to Betazoid, "Logical possibilities, even if at least one of them is purely emotionally motivated and therefore not a likely motive for a Vulcan." His tone remains measured.

Remi nods and inclines her head again, "True, but from what you've already exposed to me. " She pauses mirroring him by switching to Betazoid and she takes a baited sip of her tea, "That says otherwise. Very controlled exterior with twinges of internal conflict. You're doing very well." Her nose twitches slightly and she smiles exposing her dimples.

Senka raises an eyebrow. you sense his mental barriers strengthening. "And your basis for supposing the existence of internal conflict," he asks mildly?

The woman leans back in her seat and crosses her leg over her knee, her skirt floating out before settling, "As soon as you think you're letting things slip it’s like the shields go up on yellow alert. It's a bit of a tell." She entwines her fingers around her cup as she rests her elbows on the arms of the chair, letting her cup sit close to her chest.

"It is merely an attempt to insure mental privacy," Senka offers. "I should not wish you to be exposed to unsolicited thoughts of my own."

The woman clears her throat before continuing, "There's a difference between being actively probed and picking up ambient thought, I respect the privacy of people’s minds but things that usually mean a lot to someone tend to emerge on their own." Remi says honestly, leaning forward she sips the last of her tea and rests the empty cup on the table.

"Quite so," Senka replies serenely. "Hence, my desire to shield you from stray telepathic projections."

Remi seems a little disappointed, "The ball is already rolling Senka," She hushes in Betazoid, "Things like that can eat you alive, perhaps that's why we are so open."

"Things like what," Senka asks? He seems puzzled.

Quietly she flags down a server to replenish her tea before returning her attention to the Vulcan in front of her, "This mysterious medical Betazoid woman."

"Medical," Senka asks, his expression inscrutable.

Remi says, "The colour of her uniform, its either medical or science. I'd imagine you have a close relationship so I would assume its someone you work with, thus making them a doctor or nurse." Remi deducted."

"There is a certain logic to your logic," Senka offers, sipping his tea serenely.

Remi laughs softly and shakes her head gently at his comment, "So who is she?"

You say, "The individual whom we are discussing is indeed a colleague and friend. That is correct.""

"Hmm," She taps a finger against her chin as she thinks, "Is she a superior? Generally affection is found in someone you look up to, or admire."

Senka raises an eyebrow. "Even were I capable of something as emotionally derivative and vaguely defined as affection, that logic is flawed." Senka's telepathic barriers are now fully instated. Absolutely nothing slips passed them, though the trained or talented telepathic observer might notice him employing both Vulcan and Betazoid mental techniques.

Remi shrugs a little, "I can only guess at that, you became aware of what you were projecting before I could find out. It's like a cliffhanger in a bad holodrama." She admits playfully.

"Please explain that."

Remi rests her slightly clenched hand against her cheek allowing her index finger to extend and rest close to her temple. "Just as you’re about to find out the plot twist or who the killer is you hear the ending credits and you have to wait for the next installment, but as you're now actively shutting me out. I would now be lead to believe that a relationship would be inappropriate, so she's either important or married."

Senka eats another bite of his omlet. "That," he evaluates, "is rampant speculation."

Remi says, "That's you're not denying." She screws up her nose, "Or confirmed at that."

"It is also possible," Senka offers, "that any relationship I could wish is perfectly acceptable, and that I simply wish to retain my privacy vis-a-vis curious telepaths. You can logically infer nothing based on the presence of my telepathic barriers, save that I wish to keep my thoughts private."

"I guess so, but most people don't hide things that are innocent." She replies reaching forward to pick up her cup and take a sip.

"I am hiding nothing," Senka replies. "I am a Vulcan. I do not subscribe to your cultural norms which include open and free telepathic communication and inspection. Vulcans tend to be most private with their thoughts until and unless they choose to impart them."

"Perhaps, but those aren't just Vulcan techniques, are they?" She cocks her head to one side.

"Your point,"

Remi says, "Perhaps this person is a more talented telepath than I am and you've had to use them to stop her from picking up on these feelings."

"Again, purely speculative. Here is another logical possibility. There are an increasing number of Betazoid crew aboard Deep Space 9. Logically, I may choose to incorporate relevant Betazoid techniques to guard the privacy of my thoughts from my fellow crew and civilians. The fact that I have such an ability, whereas my Terran colleagues do not, is irrelevant."

Remi waves her hand defeatedly, "You're in love with someone who it will be inappropriate to have relations with, you've been hurt for whatever reason and now you're keeping it all inside. That's all I've got to say because you're never going to confirm or deny, only offer alternatives to my suggestions." She sighs a little and delicately sips her tea.

"As long as your suggestions continue to contain substantial amounts of logical fallacies, you can be assured that I shall offer logical alternatives," Senka replies quietly. His tone is perfectly polite.

"Oh, I can imagine you will. Very logical," She replies with a playful tone of seriousness in her voice. "I just see it as a way to avoid answering a question straight." She watches him over the top of her cup.

"A perception," Senka offers, "based in Betazoid cultural norms of privacy. Vulcan privacy norms and privacy taboos are much more stringent than those of your own culture," he replies informatively.

Remi nods once as she has previously, "As mother always said, don't trust someone you can't read."

"In that case," Senka replies mildly, "I should not set up your business on a Vulcan colony planet or within the Ferengi Alliance."

Remi laughs a little, "I wouldn't count on it."

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