Mind Answering a Few Questions, Doctor? (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
15 Feb 2014
Duty Office - Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
The spacious office combines both functionality and elegance. An oak desk bearing an engraved caduceus, the emblem of Starfleet Medical, holds the desktop terminal. Two chairs, adjustable according to the body-type parameters of a number of different species, sit before it. The walls are lined with plates containing texts handwritten in a variety of calligraphic styles, while a modest bookshelf contains a number of medical texts, historical works and works of literature in several languages: Betazoid, Rihannsu and Vulcan among them. A coffee maker sits off to one side of the office in a small seating area containing a loveseat, a chair and a low table.

Senka is sitting behind his desk. A Kal-toh set sits at his left hand, the shape half assembled. A pad sits before him. Looking up, he watches the door open, one eyebrow raised.

With a wispy air and her expression quite calm and pleasant, Commodore Cei enters the office. Pheromones surround her by nature of her species, but she makes no seductive moves, just gentle grace. "You are Doctor Senka, I presume," the woman inquires.

Senka stands. His gaze takes in your flag officer's uniform, and you may detect his mental shielding going up as he expertly deflects the influence of your Deltan Pheromones. "Station Chief Medical Officer Senka, that is correct. logic suggests that you are Commodore Cei of the Starfleet Inspector General Division."

Cei is unbothered by his shielding, her head just cocking just slightly as she takes in his reasoning. "Then you also know why I am here, Doctor," she replies gently, already reaching for a PADD from within a small sack she carries over her shoulder.

Senka nods and replies gravely, "Within a certain degree of probability, yes, I know the purpose of your visit and shall cooperate fully. I come to serve." Exiting from behind his desk, he gestures to his coffee machine. "Would you care for refreshment, Commodore? I have several varieties of coffee and tea available. Also, please feel free to sit anywhere," he gestures to the comfortable seating arrangement on one side of his office, to the chairs in front of his desk, and to the chair behind his desk, adding, "As the senior officer and given your purpose, you are even welcome to utilize my desk."

"I would like a small chai tea, if you have it available," Cei replies as she settles in a seat opposite the desk. She settles the PADD on a knee as she begins pulling up some of the reports. "I am told you did a few physicals on the deceased prior to the incident," she begins, cutting right to the chase. Her expression remains relatively calm and neutral.

"I performed 3 physicals on 3 separate occasions for 3 separate reasons on Commander Talbot. That is correct." Senka says. Working over his machine for the minimum length of time possible, he finally flips a switch and the smell of chai begins to pervade the office. He faces you, for now standing near the rappidly working machine.

"Physicals are routinely done once a year for proper Starfleet protocol to be met and records to be updated," Cei replies, already starting to take notes. "What was the purpose of each visit?"

Bringing you your chai, Senka takes a cup for himself and settles across from you at his desk. "The first physical was an after action medical following a rescue mission under the auspices of Admiral Ruao and Commodore, now Captain, Kainon Essa. The second was a mandatory physical required by Fleet medical regulations upon the transfer of officers. Specifically Talbot's transfer to this station. The third physical was the one Talbot himself requested as outlined in my own report."

"I do not believe I have received a copy of your report. Could you forward a copy to me?" Cei requests, looking down to her PADD again for verification.

Senka taps a few buttons on his padd. "Transfer complete, Commodore."

Cei looks over her PADD then nods. "Please give me just a moment to look over the report, if you could, Lieutenant."

Senka steeples his fingers and waits. He looks like he could wait for days if need be.

After a quick glance over, Cei replies gently, "Thank you. I see here that you did report that he refused treatment for the imbalance. Was he cleared for duty despite this untreated imbalance?"

"Technically, there was no need to clear him for duty, as he was never relieved of it, Commodore. However, the neurochemical imbalances, principly being those among several neural transmitters, were what I would characterize as slight. I saw no evidence that would point to a psychotic break or abarent behavior of any kind. Even in retrospect, I do not believe I could have relieved him of duty on the basis of the data I had, as he displayed no overt symptomology that would have necessitated it."

"Did he specify the reason behind his declining treatment?" Cei asks, making a few more notes.

"He did not." Senka replies. "Nor, strictly speaking, was he required to. Any officer can request a physical at any time for any reason. They do not have to disclose anything, save in those instances when injuries or other data come to light that allow, or indeed require, the medical officer to compell disclosure and or treatment. Similarly, he was not required by regulations to explain his reason for declining treatment. his right to do so is quite well protected by the Starfleet Code of Medical Ethics."

Cei gives a soft nod. "Upon Mister Talbot being beamed back to the Infirmary, what was his state?"

"Dead," Senka answers simply.

"Based on his state when he was beamed in, how long do you imagine he had been dead while in the vacuum of space?" Cei inquires.

Senka considers that. "I cannot say with absolute certainty. However, I would estimate that he had been dead for several minutes at least prior to transport."

Cei nods gently. "And you stand by your cause of death?" the woman inquires, her expression remaining neutral.

Senka nods. "Certainly."

Cei gives a small nod as she jots down a couple more points. "Is there anything else you'd like to add regarding Mister Talbot's case, Lieutenant?"

In a way, Senka has been afraid of this question. You may pick up a brief internal struggle as his desire not to speak ill of a superior wars against his ethical duty to answer you honestly. Honesty wins, and he temporizes, "Indeed. Although I realize that my questions are more technical than medical, and you have undoubtedly already answered them. But yes, I do have questions that remain."

"Proceed," Cei replies, inclining her head towards the man. Her gaze remains calm and almost pleasant.

"I have read Captain Cross's report. I am concerned that his report reflects no intermediate actions taken prior to ordering the commander's transport into space. The captain states in part," and Senka quotes word for word, "I knew that an errant phaser shot could detonate the explosive." He goes on. "Errant implies a stray or a missed phaser shot. Given the proximity of the officers present, I doubt anyone would have missed Talbot. I have considered the possibility of an effective kill switch in the ordenance. However, his report does not indicate the presence of any such kill switch and the text as read implies that the commander could have been incapacitated had someone acted swiftly enough to do so." A beat. "I also wonder whether a skilled transporter operator could have transported the explosive out of the commander's hand, whether Talbot and the explosive could have been held in the pattern buffer until the explosive could be neutralized by the transporters ... I do not," he concludes, "question the fact that a commander may have to give orders that lead to a crew member's death. I am aware that that is a burden of command. However, as you can see, I am left with questions about other options that may have been possible and were not attempted, seemingly, and I qualify this by stating that I realize I was not there. However, my questions are logical, and I have been unable to resolve them." The Vulcan officer finally falls silent.

"And that is what I hope to help determine, Lieutenant," Cei replies, her expression seemingly unchanging. "I appreciate your honesty, although I cannot answer those questions for you at this time. There is still much to discuss, and much to discover in this case." Taking a sip of her tea, she takes in a breath. "You make a wonderful cup, Lieutenant, but I admit there are a few more officers I need to speak with. I may seek you out again for any follow-up. Thank you."

Senka nods. "Major Ava Kiona, Lieutenant Niian Inara, and Lieutenant Giellun tr'Sahehn, among others." A beat. "Thank you for your time, Commodore. If I can render further assistance, I am here to serve."

"And those among the Excalibur following my visit to Deep Space 9," Cei replies. She gets to her feet, smoothing her uniform. "Thank you, Lieutenant Senka." The bald woman gives a bow of her head, then with a graceful motion, disappears back out into the main infirmary and the Promenade.

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