Minister of Defense Announces Chancellorship Candidacy

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IC Date: Mon Oct 13 2403

QO'NOS (INW) - In an impassioned speech on the grounds of the former High Council Building in the Alliance's second capitol, Minister of Defense cho'Sheq announced her candidacy for the Galaxy Alliance Chancellorship.

"For too long has the Alliance sat idly by and lost track of its true spirit. The Galaxy Alliance was born in the fires of battle and conquered countless enemies in glorious combat. And now, our Government rests when it should fight. Instead of battles of wit and words, our Senate ties their hands with parliamentary procedures. No more will the people of the Alliance stand for inaction! As your Chancellor, I will reawaken our warrior spirit, our debates will occur and be decided upon swiftly, and we will bring back true glory to our Empire!"

Minister cho'Sheq is a highly decorated warrior who has been intricately involved with the Ministry of Defense since its inception at the start of the Borg War. Instead of joining the new Starfleet, Chancellor K'mpec personally appointed cho'Sheq to the Ministry's consolidation team, where she lead in efforts to combine the Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian and Federation militaries. She has also held a number of posts throughout the Ministry, including Assistant Minister for the Galactic North at Delta, Assistant Minister for Bajoran Command and Deputy Minister for the Rihannsu Border Region. She also served as a strategic assistant to Chancellor Gowron during the Breen War and Senior Defense Advisor to Chancellor L'vralus during his election campaign. She has served as Minister of Defense since 2398.

cho'Sheq. as the leader of an old Klingon House that has quickly gained prominence on Qo'noS in the past decade, is expected to gather much of the support of the Klingon worlds in the election. She currently faces hundreds of challengers, with Caitian Senator M'rus and Ferengi Capitalist Telpot among the most likely candidates.

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