Minister of State Confirmed by Senate

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Date: Thu Sep 22 08:05:57 2011 PDT
IC Date: Mon Jan 11 16:35:42 2410
Stardate: 87030.2

EARTH(INW) - After over a year of delays, the Galaxy Alliance Senate voted to confirm Chancellor cho'Sheq's choice for Minister of State earlier this morning. The initial round of hearings were contentious, causing the remainder of proceedings to occur via a series of missives sent between the Senate and the Minister-Designate. In the end, however, Minister Iante was appointed unanimously.

Iante will now officially take the reigns of a Ministry that hasn't had a leader since Minister Lorian Darin abdicated her citizenship in 2403. In a statement, the Chancellor said, "It is about time the Senate acted to allow Minister Iante to fulfill his duties and lead the Alliance's Diplomatic Battles with the full authority and honor to which he's been appointed. I look forward to his work on our relations with our friends, allies and neighbors."

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